Hello Kitty


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i got the email too
im actually very excited for this collection but i do think most of it is over hyped just because its 'hello kitty'


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I also signed up for the online preview, I'll probably buy way too much, I'm kind of torn between buying online and waiting until March 5th when the collection hits my local counter so I can see everything in person (not to mention I get 10% store staff discount).

The only things I know I'm definitely not getting are the e/s compacts and Tippy because it's way too much like Dollymix. I think I need to review swatches and start making proper choices ha ha.

Girl about town

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i think the colours are very boring, they could have done way better, i think i will get strayin and fashion mews lipstick and the keychain!!! the e/s are very dupeable and the packaging isn't as nice as i hoped!!
The colours are all very sheer and i love bold and pigmented colours like the amplified creams!!! hhhhhhm !!!


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yep i really hate how the e/s are dupeable was watching someone on youtube and she compared h/k e/s to the dupes and she was spot on. Only a few lippies and a l/s for me. Was going to get a blush but i think i'll wait for grand duos to come out


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i'm not bothering with the eyeshadows either purely because i already have very similar colours! i'm more into the lippies and lipglosses (i like sheer lips because i do such strong eyes!) and of course tippy blush because i love pink blushes!!


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^Yup, got the competition e-mail. And an invite to the pre-release at the Covent Garden store. Hope I get to see some Specktra ladies there (I'm going for the first session).

I've blown hot and cold with this collection. I have a wishlist (4 l/g, 1 blush, 1 l/s, 1 glitter liner, petite makeup bag and keyring) but I don't know if it's worth getting all of that. Will need to see what it all looks like IRL.


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I got the competition email too.

My list is currently;
- Tippy blush
- The keyring
- Pink Fish TLC
- Train case thingy (we are getting this aren't we??!)
- Fashion Mews
- Strayin

I think that's it... maybe!


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thats what im really wondering about. i badly want the train (vanity) case, but im afraid the counters wont get it cause its supposed to be an online only. =( does anyone know anything about that?

Corvs Queen

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My list is as follows.........

*Lucky Tom Palette
*Cutester Lipstick
*Big Bow Lipstick
*Mimmy Lipglass
*Fast Friends Lipglass
*Pretty Baby Beauty Powder
*Kitty Power Glitterliner
*A blush ( not sure which one yet )
*Sheer Mystery Powder
*Kitty Koture Dazzleglass


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does anybody know the prices of the brush sets and bags etc? mainly the accessories and the eyshadow palettes


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Nice Kitty
Sweet Stawberry
Fast Friends

Big Bow

Fun & Games

Too Dolly

Pretty Baby


maybe a mystery powder

no accessoires


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Eeps the MAs were going through the update book at my counter yesterday... we are so close ladies!! I wanted to ask about prices but they were too busy unfortunately (I did snag the last 226 brush though so was still very happy!)

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