How does your boyfriend react to your love of makeup?


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He is really good about it I think. He accidently opened my eyeshadow draer and was wetting his pants at all the little black containers! hehe. But I taught him yesterday about highlights and where you can put different colours on your lid... he loed that! And then I told him about back2mac, and he remember and asked me if i was going to take my empties in!!!! so cute


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He is supportive. He knows i can have much worse addictions. He even gives me money sometimes to buy an eyeshadow. He always compliments my different looks and tells me if he doesn't like something.


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My boyfriend doesn't quite understand the "obsession" point of view and why I pay so much for it (even after I try to explain it to him). But he likes it when I try different things with makeup and will usually give his opinion on different looks. But he would prefer me not to wear any makeup.


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My man likes how I look when I get up in the morning, AKA tore up, but he prefers a natural look.
Whenever I do wear a lot of makeup, he usually goes "What the hell?"
It's whatever though, he's into football and I'm into MAC, to each their own


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hes quite supportive, and tells me to become an MA someday =) he also buys me little things here and there to add to my collection


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I think my boyfriend is more obsessed than I am, LOL - I don't wear make-up all that often so he enjoys it when I do. It fascinates him, partly because he "can't" wear it, I guess. I'm his excuse to go into the cosmetics store/departments when we go out (and of course to buy the best stuff
), and he's been known to surf the MAC website entirely on his own for hours (I believe he made himself an account there recently, LOL). In fact, he may be secretly on this forum and reading this right now! *looks about suspiciously*


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lol my bf thinks makeup is a waste of time and money
Now it only takes me 15-20 minutes to put makeup on before I go out and I haven't really spent on makeup for a long time. He asked me why do u have to put on makeup, u're just going to work? I dunno what to say lol


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When I first started to buy MAC, my man was very supportive because he noticed a difference in the way my makeup looked (better quality!) He even bought me the MAC Traincase &told me he wanted me to have the best makeup. I thought that was awesome!

Now that I'm a total MAC fiend, though, its a slightly different story. Whenever he sees me come home with that black bag, he's like "How much did you spend THIS time?" lol. I do spend quite a bit every month on makeup &we do have some joint financial obligations so I can understand his reasoning behind this. But he loves when I do my makeup &loves that I change it up everytime we go out. He said it adds a bit of *spice* to our relationship because its not always the same ol' thing.


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My fiance is really awesome about it. Even though he admits that he knows nothing about it and thinks I always look beautiful, made-up or not, he is so supportive. He knows that it's my hobby or my "thing" as he puts it and loves to see me happy. We're both students, so not very financially stable, but whenever we go to the MAC store he offers to buy me something. He also hates to see me sell my makeup (on here or on LJ) and won't let me if he catches me. If I'm selling stuff to pay off a credit card or something, he always says "I'll take care of you, I'll pay it off for you, just don't sell your makeup." It's sweet.


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Mine never says, "What the hell?" about anything, but he really just doesn't care. I could probably put lipstick on my eyes and mascara on my lips and he wouldn't notice the freaking difference.

Grrrrrrrrr...I'm just bitter.

I'm sure if I were getting PAID to be made-up every day, that would be a different story altogether.

He DOES get annoyed when I have to finish getting ready in the car on the way to work (while he's driving, of course) and powdery, dusty stuff goes everywhere. I tell him the glitter makes the car pretty, but I don't think he's buyin' it.


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Originally Posted by SingFrAbsoltion
He tells me to be a makeup artist lol he likes it and is really supportive of my obsession =]

Guys like that are adorable. All of the boyfriends I've had have also been very supportive of my love of make-up. My current bf goes with me every time I'm at the MAC counter to air his opinion on the stuff I'm about to buy, and he's a really fashion-forward kind of guy.


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He always notice when I try something new
He likes it when I use colors

We were dating for only a month, last year, and he got me those passes to go to a super sale at ''Lise Watier'', but we got there too late so there was too much people.


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My boyfriend HATES makeup. If he had his way, I'd walk around every day with zero makeup on.

But...he has loosened up a little bit. After five years of me holding my ground with my makeup hobby, he finally doesn't say anything negative about makeup...but he doesn't say anything positive either...

Maybe in another five years he will.... =)


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Originally Posted by glam8babe
my boyfriend buys me all the makeup i want! he knows its my passion and hobby and hes happy to spend his money on me and my makeup lol. when i do like extreme makeup [very colourful, totally blended etc.] he tells me how amazing it is and how i should be a makeup artist. When i dont wear makeup he tells me i look beautiful without it but he knows its what i wanna do when im older [makeup artist] so hes VERY supportive and treats me when new mac stuff comes out. I sooo wanna give him a makeover one day i already asked him and hes like "one day... one day but you cant tell anyone!" and im like i wont! lol he's soo good with MAC makeup too he knows most of the prices of the items i buy, if i want a new e/s and its similar to one i already have hes like "i thought you already have a teal!" and im like AND?! boys will never understand

omg what a keeper!
lucky, lucky, girl!

miss v

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my guy thinks that I should do freelancing, I just really started getting makeup last month and MAC


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I have it good and I know it! My boyfriend is driving me up to Las Vegas right after the Holiday '07 collection is released so that I can get it firsthand! He's also taking me to Sephora. He wanted to buy me something just because, so he's getting me professional brushes. He's also got access to my wish list.

He takes a pretty active interest in it because he says it's a "hobby". He'll ask me about the things I'm looking at/for and asks me to show him my new "looks". It's awesome!


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Mine used to be really "i-dont-care" about MU. But I slowly broke him down...all it takes is time! And now he even has moods where he wants to *dress me up ~ lol


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Well a while back I asked my bf to open my traincase and tell me the name of one of my lipsticks (I was @ work) and when he got back on the phone he was freaking out about the number of lipsticks and glosses I had ... and I don't even have that many ... 7 lipsticks and 7 matching glosses lol .... I have waaayyy more eyeshadows ... good thing they were right at the top and he didn't have to look in the other trays!!!

He always says I look good with or without MU and that I don't really need it ... but what's more important to him is the fact that MU doesn't completely change the way I look but just emphasizes my features ... I guess he's noticed that some girls end up looking like a different person once they take off / put on MU!!

But I think he has become more supportive & interested esp now that I've decided to go to back to school to take some MA courses and hopefully eventually become a MUA!!
He does buy me stuff but would prefer not to come shopping w/ me ... but as long as he can find a seat and I don't ask his opinion too much he'll come!! He does compliment me on how everything looks altogether on my face but if I ask him if he can see what different colours of eyeshadow I'm wearing he'll say some colour that's not even on my face!!! .... I think maybe he's a little colour-blind!!


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