How does your boyfriend react to your love of makeup?


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Mine thinks I look better w/out makeup.

Im usually a neutral/natural mu kinda a girl for everyday.

However when I do bust out my blues/purples he notices. He'll say something like "it looks koo"

Now though, he knows how much I like MAC and he knows I've spent pretty penny on my stuff so when he sees me MAC shopping he'll just ask "what did you buy?"

Interestingly he notices chicks with badly applied mu and points it out to me...I thinks its funny and tend to agree with him.


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My feller is kind of easy about it. I don't wear make up everyday anyway because a lot of the times there's no point but he does notice when I decide to put some on and he compliments me. But I know that he thinks I'm gorgeous either way.

we were going out shopping for the day yesterday and I was putting on my makeup and he said. "You don't have to get done upt o the nines you know. It's only Ikea?" and I replied,"yeah But I enjoy the act of putting it on and it helps me feel a bit better about the world." And he said he understood and was really nice about it. But he has his mountain bikes and he feels better once he's gone out for a 2 hour ride down a mountain lol. So I guess it's the same kind of thing. But I've only recently started getting into it properly though. Always had an interest in it but never really the funds for it until now.


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Yea I guess I'm one of the lucky ones too ... my husband supports me 100% he spoils me rotten and its not even my birthday!!! Aww i love my hubby.

I just got a surprise from him yesterday ... he went out and bought me the following:

Royal Assets - Warm Eyes
Royal Assets - Cool Eyes
Royal Assets - Metallic Eyes
Royal Assets - Smokey Eyes
Antiquitease - Mineralize Eye Shadow in Mi'Lady
Antiquitease - Mineralize Eye Shadow in Family Silver
Antiquitease - Mineralize Eye Shadow in Silversmith
Antiquitease - Pigment in Gold Stroke
Antiquitease - Pigment in Your Ladyship
Antiquitease - Pigment in Sweet Sienna

and he gave me a lil note in the gift bag saying there will be more to come so I'm really excited and very anxious!!!!


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luxirielove, your boyfriend has a lot of money to spend... wow

I can't even afford one palette

Mine finally told me this weekend that he doesnt see the need of buying other colors, that he thinks I already have them all. NO I DON'T!!!!


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My bf HATES makeup! He thinks i'm gorgeous w/out makeup and he prefers it that way, but he MET me with makeup on!! so too bad for him!!
and I told him the day I stop wearing makeup is the day he shaves everyday. but i'm safe cuz I know that day will NEVER come! hahahaaaa


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my boyfriend thinks i look better without makeup & he doesn't like me wearing it very often even though i do.

he doesn't hate it though. he buys it for me sometimes & whatnot.
he also tells me i do really nice make up, blah blah blah.
i guess he's w/e about it.


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He supports my addiction hahaha although he is against it and thinks nothing of it. Duh cause he's a guy right? But yea he thinks anything brown or neutral is better than anything. But I explained that he has his obsession with motorcycles and motorcycle parts and that Make up is just me. NOW, even sometimes while I'm at work he'll run out and surprise me with a bag of MAC gooooodies or the new products that might run out.


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I have a Mac Pallette and my bf calls it the "CLOWN Makeup" he doesnt mind if I put MU on but he prefers me with out make up or just very little of it...which i think is good right? i wouldnt want my bf telling me to put more make up on haha.


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He doesn't get whats so special about it.
I get compliments from him alllll the time. Telling me i should make it a career.
Although when i do a black smokey eye he'll tell me its tooo dark.
He gets blown away when he sees my makeup case but i really don't even have as much as i would like!
When we go to the MAC counter... he'll come with me but he'll roll his eyes and laugh.
He acts like he doesn't like it, but secretly i think he does.


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The Boy likes bright colours, especially in eyeshadow -- which works well with my taste
but usually he likes me better without it. He's not a fan of face makeup (foundation, blush), so it's either the UNNatural look (crazy bright colours and lots of eyeliner), or no makeup at all.

Weird. Oh well


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I have only gotten to be MAC fiend in the last 2yrs. Before that, I wore the same ole thing everyday---which is what the hubby got used to. So, after 6 months or so into my mac obsession--he happened to walk past the bathroom while my makeup case was open. Hehehe. He stopped dead in his tracks and was like "WTF is that?" He has since warmed up to my makeup collection. He even got me a bigger train case and mac gc for christmas!


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He reacts to my make-up collection the same way I react to his playing military stradegy games, "Whatever". I don't want to hear him talk about his obsession with Supreme Commander any more than he wants to hear me talk about how a Shu Uerma lash curler is different than a Shiseido curler.

The only thing I know he hates is when I wear lipgloss since he says it looks like I ate goo.

sandyyyy <3

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My bf is supportive sometimes, he just hates it when I spend my money on make up. If i wear like too much of the bright colors he would say I look like a bday cake lol. When I wear just my neutrals he doesn't say anything. But he supports me for wanting to do cosmetology.


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My boyfriend is really cool about it, he says that it's a good obsession because then he knows that I care about how I look. I'm quite artistic and so is he, so sometimes he complements me when I've done something special, like colourful eyes etc. He doesn't like when I'm wearing lipgloss though, since he thinks it's icky to kiss me with it on, lol. And sometimes he's watching me when I'm doing my makeup, asking me stuff like "what's that for?" or "where do you put that?" which I enjoy because he's so cute

He hasn't bought me any makeup yet though, because I think he thinks it's a boring gift to get. I would be thrilled if he bought me some MAC, but I guess he doesn't understand how much I like it


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My BF prefers a natural look, but doesn't hate on the make up. He thinks a lot of the girls here in Japan wear too much makeup, and likes that I do my make up well. I keep the electric eel type colors to a minimum around him though. I usually close my eyes and say "Isn't my make up pretty today?" He'll usually say "mmm....yea." or "Yes, thats a nice one." Other than that, not too many opinions out of him.

He recently took me to the massive MAC store in Omotesando Hills, Tokyo. I had only previously been to MAC counters, so it was a mind blowing experience. I was having MACgasms after seeing all the pro products and huge shelfs of piggies. He said to me while I was enjoying looking at all the goodies, "Oh, I didn't realize how much this make up means to you."

He bought me an empty palette which I'd been trying to get my paws on for a YEAR! An early birthday gift.


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i have been a makeup fanatic since my husband and i met so i guess he's used to it! he supports my habit, though--he's bought me brushes and gift cards for xmas and birthdays. can you guess what my valentine's day present is going to be?! yes, Fafi.
he just asks that i don't let him know how much i spend. haha!

it's so funny going into MAC with him cuz he'll just stand around looking lost.. and then when i ask him his opinion he's just like "i's all the same to me" or "don't you have that already?" lol.


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mine is awesome about it. he loves it when i wear bright colors and even suggested i go to school for mu. then again he's into photography so he can relate better than other guys.


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My bf hates it because he cant comprehend that so much money can be spent on 'just make up.' On the other hand, he acknowledges it is my passion *shrug* He hates lipglass he calls its 'lip-shits' LOL because he cant kiss me when I wear it. Starts rubbing his mouth like a friggin baby


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Mine likes my makeup usually, (we're both in art school, so he appreciates the colors) but stands by his usual love for my natural face. He likes when I'm makeup-less, even though I whine about my dark circles under my eyes, he says he thinks they're "sexy and mysterious"!!! ROTFL! I think they look bad!

But he doesn't mind when I wear bright colors. Not a huge fan of darks though. And he REALLY dislikes any lip products because he doesn't want them on him! One time I kissed him after putting on a gloss with lip-plumper in it, and he freaked out because his lips started burning!!
He thought he'd ingested some kind of sink cleaner!! ROTFL!

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