How does your boyfriend react to your love of makeup?


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Mine is supportive. He only dislikes if I'm wearing a lipstick that will kiss off and he wants to kiss me
He's trying to get me to look at my hobby as more of a business though, i.e. he thinks I try enough product every month to start a blog, I have a good eye for bargains and splurges, etc. But if I do that, then it's no longer a hobby -- and right now it's fun as a hobby

But here's his greatest show of support for my love of makeup:

Today we were at MAC looking at Fafi stuff and when the MA helping us said I had nice eyeshadow on he flat out said, "Yeah, you should hire her, she's got a good eye with color and won't go overboard on some products like some of the other people working the various counters in the store." I was almost embarrassed... but there was this one gal at the MAC counter who had cheeks so red she looked like she had just been slapped, and everything she was wearing looked like she troweled it on. She just gave us that "I know!" look and asked what I used.

The gal who helped us though was really nice
She asked if I wanted an application before I left haha


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My bf loves makeup on me but then says not to wear so much or that I'm naturally beautiful. I guess the stuff all bfs have to say.

I met him while I was at work, working at a casino as a cocktail waitress. To establish your self from the other big boobed ladies glamourous makeup is a good idea. I had a glam casino cocktail server face on, and he had seen me working before and said he had to talk to me. He was my manager's son.
We've been together now for a year and even a few months after of us dating I would whip out my mu brushes or had to make a Chanel run and he had always said from day one, "you should work in the makeup indusrty." I was and still going to school for a B.A. and I would say, "ohhhh no, that's dumb." Well, he told me this a few times and I started to go with my gut and heart like he had said and I am now taking classes to get my certificate in makeup artistry. I will start to freelance when I complete the classes and get my MAC makeup kit. My bf always knew, I guess I always knew too but it took him to push me and open my eyes. I'm still in school getting my B.A. but ultimately I want to work in the makeup industry. My boyfriend is the greatest, most supportive!!


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My b/f doesn't care all that much. I think he would prefer if I didn't wear any lipstick/gloss because he doesn't like how sticky it is, or the fact that he ends up wearing it. Also he doesn't like the fact that I won't let him touch my face with his hands because I don't want him to mess it up or give me zits!


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Hmm.. In the beginning he was just like "why?" Like why not just go to walgreens and get everything there its cheaper? and i said "well why not go to walmart for your shoes instead of vans?" And after a few pit stops at mac he saw how much i loved it.. I told him that i made a list of everything from Mac that i wanted (like a goal lol) and he said "I'll give you $50 bux from my paycheck to help every week" So he's supportive and when i talk about makeup he listens.. SOMETIMES. Oh gosh Stylesprite! he HATES that he cant touch my face too haha. Overall, he's supportive

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My boyfriend doesn't seem to mind too much, doesn't see the big deal about all my MAC , bless him!! He reckons us girlies should go ahead and collect like ten million blushers, cos well, you might fancy a different colour that day or something!!

He reckons that boys spend loads on computer games and stuff, so doesn't see the problem. Also, he does buy me the odd MAC thing, so I think he's pretty good really. I think he secretly likes it all really............

I think I have a pretty supportive one there.


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My bf is super supportive! Sometime he even lets me practice on him. I'd really like to try some of the man to woman faces in Kevyn Aucoin's book on him sometime, hopefully he'll let me! I think that all boys secretly love the attention and the pampering, some of them are just too insecure to actually let you do it.


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My boyfriend LOVES that im into make up..his really good at supporting me... He will suggest different looks i should do or tell me his fave's.. he'll be like " Mel do this look today and etc" and ill usually do it for him... His family and everyone knows i love make up so they usually get me gift cards or make up cases or something like that for christmas and etc..

He HATES when i go to wal mart and i wanna try another eye shadow or lip gloss or something thats not MAC.. his like MAC Is the best.. that other stuff is cheap and don't look as good, his like you NEED the real stuff and he usually buys me some of it too!!.. awwe i loves him!


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My boyfriend doesnt understand it
its like why do you need a new eyeshadow when you have one that colour and why are you wasting your money blah blah blah !! I think he has only ever bought me one mac item lol. I would really like it if he understood me and bought me mac haha.


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Originally Posted by MxAxC-_ATTACK
My boyfriend hates when I wear makeup, so Its as simple as I don't often wear it around him unless we are going to something social. He won't kiss me if I have anything on my lips, not even chapstick.

my boyfriend is the same. he supports my hobby and obsession but anything different than light neutrals, he's like, too heavy. yeah, he won't kiss me either when i have any lip product on. ehhh


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He knows it makes me happy and supports my MAC/make up madness just like I support his beloved XBox 360.
He says I have too much make up but I think you can ever have too much !


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well he knows that i have a love affair with mac! i havent bought any in awhile bc i know pay rent
but i still have a lot! he compliments on my makeup and he loved what i did for vday...m'lady red and typography!


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My boyfriend hates my make-up obsession. Everytime we go to the mall he gets dragged into Sephora or the MAC Counter! It's literally everytime
This passed weekend we went to the mall & I spent an hour in Sephora trying out all the Stila make-up
and getting help from the awsome ladies that work there! After awhile he decided to go outside and sit, he looked so annoyed haha.

I love to do dramatic looks & he hates it becuase it doesn't 'show my natural beauty'
but I mean he's just trying to be nice, right?

He's put up with it for 7 years and he'll most likely put up with it for the rest of his life. I put up with his video games & he puts up with my make-up.
... I guess it's a win-win situation, huh?


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Well when I did have a man he used to HATE it, but I didn't care hehehe..... Now I am single and if I ever do find a man I don't care what he thinks about it lol!!


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firstly, it's my boyfriend's fault that I got addicted to make-up!! His mom's the counter manager for a La Mer counter so she took me in to work part time... and that's when I got exposed to cosmetics...

Before this I'd look goofy not knowing how to use make up or take care of my skin properly. At one time, I did my make up for my friend's photo project... when my bf saw it, he quickly took me to his mom to fix it. I still remember, I was dragged to the Giorgio Armani counter to get a makeover. And now I work there! Ironic!

But my bf's still that all natural kinda dude. he gets totally icked out if he has to kiss my lipstick or lip gloss so usually I have nothing on my lips or just a lip stain and I'd look super pale and dead but he likes it. weird!

When I have to go all smokey eye for work, he'd be like "remove your make-up! ew!" as soon as I get home. He'd comment that my make-up doesn't suit me when everyone else likes it. he'd get freaked out by falsies. he's mean!

but he does admit that he likes the mascara on my lower lashes because it looks "cute". Lol. He likes just a light make-up. his favourite pictures of me are when I have no make-up on, blotchy skin and pale lips, bed hair in a t-shirt.

oh well. at least he doesn't think I'm hideous without my make-up on. he's a keeper!


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He does not understand it and likes it better when I don't wear makeup. But he knows I am in love with makeup so he's a good sport when I get totally glammed out to the max.


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He can't really say anything about my spending loads of money on makeup, since he has his own expensive habit (playstation)...
But when I ask him how he likes my makeup he never can "tell" unless it's a really bold look...(which I don't understand...maybe it's a boy thing) EVEN WHEN I'M WEARING REALLY LONG, THICK FALSIES HE DOESN'T NOTICE and he usually says the wrong thing about it (so I don't even know why I ask anymore) can tell in his face that he prefers me without makeup, which is kinda sweet, but kinda not since I spend so much time on my makeup lol

sorry if that didn't make any sense lol

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