How many foundations do you own?


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Foundation:7 and one foundation palette :yumyum:
Tinted moisturizers: 0
Concealers: 2
Powders: 2 (one pressed one loose)


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Foundations: 2 - mac matchmaker (love this) and benefit oxygen wow (colour is slightly off and coverage isn't great but it's useable. I recently chucked an illasmasqua one because it just made my skin look dry and crusty even though it's not.

Tinted moisturiser: 0 but I have smashbox bb cream for wearing to work

Concealers: 2 - benefit bo-ing and bobbi brown stick


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Tinted Moisturizer with SPF: 3
BB Cream: 2
Minerals: 2
Concealer: 1
BB Cushion: 1 with a refill

I am trying to work my way through them, but I really only care for tinted moisturizer. Everything else breaks me out.


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Foundations: Kryolan Ultra Foundation - 48 shades
Cinema Secrets - 10 shades
Eve Pearl - 4 shades

Tinted Moisturizers: 0

Concealers: Face Atelier - 2 shades
Eve Pearl - 10 shades ( quadruples of each shade = 40 pots

Powders: Cover F/X - (Matte F/X) - 3 shades (12 compacts)


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I'm kinda minimalist when it comes to foundations so I only have...

Foundations: 4
Tinted moisturizers: 1
Concealers: 2
Pressed Powder: 1
Loose Powder: 1
Foundations: 3
Tinted moisturizer: 1
Concealers: 2
Powders: 2

I try to keep it minimal and just something that I would really use on a daily and for bigger events. I've come to realize over the years that hoarding lots of make-up products would be a waste of money since you only use 1 on a daily and it would be a waste spending so much.

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