How many foundations do you own?


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Just out of curiosity, I'd just like to know how many foundations, tinted moisturizers and/or concealers do you guys own because I know everybody's always looking for their perfect HG foundation etc.. I know I seem to never be completely satisfied with what I have and thinking there's probably something out there 10x better so keep because I'm always broke! Here's mines:

Foundation: 10
Tinted Moisturizers: 4
Concealer: 5

I really gotta stop buying new foundation and just try to use up what I already own

EDIT: I have added 12 new foundations to my collection.....
i need help


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Foundations: 4 (I think, have just got rid of some)
Tinted moisturisers: 2
Concealers: 3

So far I haven't found any 'miracle' products of the above and am doubtful now that they exist!


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Foundations: MAC studio fix, MAC studio fix fluid, BE fair, BE fairly light, BE medium, EDM fair, EDM fair neutral, EDM sandy fair
Tinted Moisturizers: none
Concealers: MAC select cover up, BE bisque, BE well rested

I used to have one foundation and two concealers before I became a MAC addict ... I don't know what happened


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I have 3 foundations.
0 tinted moisturizers (though I would like some, never tried them)
I did have 3 concealers, but lost 2 so I am down to one./
As you can see I don't have much, 1 of my foundations is brand new I just used it once to see how it looked haven't used it since. It looked good just had more coverage than I wanted.


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foundation 4
Tinted moisterizers 0
concealers 2

I am actually looking for a good Tinted moisterizer any suggestions?


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wow, well i guess what i have is unheard of...

tinted moisturizer-0

I try so many other colors, brushes and whatnot...i like my face to be consistent, loll. But I have had my eye on some thangs i wanna try, lol


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foundations: 4, 5 if you count studio fix powder
tinted moisturizers: 2
concealers: 7

most of those concealers are just in different shades

Ms. Z

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Foundation: 4 *I still have not found the perfect one

Tinted Moisturizers: 0 *was wearing LM but now I don't like it
Concealer: 5 *the one I like is by MAC & is discontinued


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foundations: 4 studio fix fluid, studio fix, studio tech, prescriptives level 4
tinted moist: 0
concealers : 4 nw40, nw35, mufe lift conceal, nyx


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Foundations: 1 (I really like the foundation I'm currently using!)
Concealers: 1 (which I never use... I find it makes my skin really flaky)
Powders: 3 (my skin gets oily-looking throughout the day so it's a must)
Tinted Moisturizers: 0 (never tried one before... I know!!)


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Foundation: 2 full size, about 6 small mineral samples
Concealer: 3
Tinted Moisturizer: 0, I make my own with liquid foundation and reg. moistuizer
Pressed Powder: 2

No too bad!


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Foundations: 1
Tinted moisturizer: 1
Concealers: 2
Powders: 2

I used to keep a few bottles of foundation handy, but I accidentally broke my Studio Fix and I B2M'd my Select SPF 15.