How many foundations do you own?


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Foundation: 4 (Studio tech, studio fix, and iman cosmetics cream to powder and iman stick foundation

tinted moisterizer:0 would like to try one though

concealer: 2



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foundations: (4) MUFE Mat Velvet, MAC Studio Tech & MAC Studio Stick, Cargo Oil-Free Liquid
concealer: (3) MUFE Lift Concealer, MAC Studio stick concealer & Benefit Erase Paste
powder: (3) MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Philosophy Airbrush Canvas (HG LOVEEE IT), BE Mineral MU Powder
tinted moisterizers: (2) 1 stila regular & 1 stila illuminating

and I have a bunch of small/GWP size versions of foundation/tinted moisterizers that I use too.
Philosophy's airbrush canvas is my favorite for daily use though, it has the BEST coverage and doesn't irritate my skin at all. i looove it


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Foundations: 4
Tinted moist: 0
Concealers: 6

Funny thing is, I don't even use concealer cause I don't really need them..

If I for some reason do use concealer I only use them on some scars I have on my chest and hands... Hmm..


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I used to have a stash of about 5-6 foundations however I only use a couple now I've got my ideal ones.

Foundation - Maybelline minerals/Dior Eclat Satin or Diorskin Forever compact.

Concealer - I don't really used now I used the mineral powder, but have Bobbi Browns creamy concealer for under eyes.

Tinted moisturiser - Stila Illuminating which is good but am wanting to try Laura Mercier next as heard good reports about this.


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Foundations: MUFE HD Liquid and MUFE HD Powder
MAC Studio Fix Fluid and MAC Studio Fix Powder
MAC face and body in white.

Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer
Two of MAC's concealers.


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MUFE - 2 (Mat Vel & HD)
MAC - 4 Studio Finish , Studio Tech, Moistureblend & SF Matte
Prescriptives - 1
Bobbi Brown - 2 Flawless Finish & Moisturizing

MUFE - 1
Mac - 2
Almay - 1


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Body Shop, Oilfree, No 1
Bobbi Brown, Oilfree, Warm Ivory

soon to try:
Everyday Minerals, Intensiv, Beige-Sandy Fair

Body Shop, No1
MAC Select Moisturecover, NW15


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Foundations: 2 (Studio Fix Powder, Face and Body)
Tinted Moisturizer: 0
Concealers: 1
Powders: 1


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Mineralized satinfinish - 1
Studio stick - 2 (one to contour)

MSF Loose - 1
NMSF - 2 (I use as a foundation & one is to highlight)
Mac Hyperreal - 1 (highlighter )
Studio Tech - 1
Mac Lightful protective spf 20 - 1 (use as a under eye highlighter)
= 8


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foundations (Liquids)
-Laneige Snow Crystal
-Maybelline Mineral Power
-Biotherm AquaRadiance

Tinted Moisturizer
-Smashbox Cooling Tint
-Revlon Beyond Natural

Power Foundation
-Lise Watier Multi-Vitamin
-Laneige Snow Crystal
-Laneige Sliding Pact
-TheFaceShop Phytogenic

-Maybelline Mineral Power
-Revlon Age Defying
-MAC Studio Finish (?) SPF35
-CG Fresh Complexion
-L'Oreal Infaillable


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One foundation, which I just picked up this morning. I am going to pick up some extras (from MAC) tomorrow morning as I always seem to run out of it an the wrong moment.

I also need to replace my BE foundation which has run out as well.

Tinted moisturizer, don't own any. I probably should though.

Concealer, I only own one. Sad to say that this is also from like 7 years ago that this was bought. Needless to say, I don't actually use it at all. It is going to be thrown out when I get home tonight and I will pick up a new one.

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