How many foundations do you own?


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Foundations: 2
Concealers: 3

I try not to stock up on these items... (can't help stocking on anything else though LOL


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1 Foundation
1 tinted moisturizer
3 concealers

I usually try and finish before I buy more, unless its really awful!


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3 Foundation, but only 2 different ones. I have MAC SFF NC15 and two Diorskin Forever in 010.


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foundations - 29
tinted moisturizers - none... too light for me.
powders - 11
concealers - 27

im very fickle

M.A.C. head.

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Just 2.

I have one Studio Fix Compact in NW43 that I use on top of my under eye concealer, and one Studio Fix Compact in NW45 that I use for my face.


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I think I currently have 3 foundations (Clinique Superbalanced Makeup-don't use anymore, Bare Escentuals, and Studio Sculpt). I still want to try MUFE HD, but I think I'll wait on that. I have 2 concealers....a Clinique kind with a wand--don't remember what it's called....and Studio Sculpt which is now my everyday go-to.


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here is my damage and seriously im beginning to think there is no perfect foundation
i can be wrong though...

Foundations=4 Studio fix, Mineralize satinfinish, MUFE HD, Maybelline Mineralize
Powders=2 Studio Fix, Clinique's powder
Stick foundation=1 Napolean Perdis

Concealers=3 MUFE, Napolean Perdis, Benefit Erase Paste

Tinted Moisturizers=2 Benefit & Stila love both!!

Simply Elegant

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I have way too many but I gave most of them away recently.
1 CoverFX powderFX
1 CoverFX mineralFX
1 CoverFX cream foundation
2 MUFE duo mat
1 Maybelline pure liquid foundation
1 MAC studio fix fluid
1 Clinique perfectly real powder foundation
1 Mommy makeup mineral foundation
2 MUFE mat velvet+
2 NYC mineral foundation
1 Physician's Formula translucent mineral foundation

Holy Rapture

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Well, I have only one!!
Revlon Colorstay ... So far, it's been perfect. I just use it mixed with my moisturizer


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Studio fix 2 (everytday "I'm on a rush" foundation
Studio fix fluid 1
MUFE HD 1 (but going to buy 2 more next week xD)
FA 1
BE 2 (but I don't use these anymore)

Tinted moisturizer:
0 (studio fix fluid + moisturizer = Love)

1 MUFE pallet of 5 haha

BE mineral veil
Cargo blu-ray
MUFE super mat
1 cheap brand


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foundations :
2 chanel mat lumiere (winter)
2 mufe mat velvet + (summer)

tinted moisturizers: none

2 dior pressed powders
1 chanel pressed powder
1 mufe loose powder

1 dior
1 chanel


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too many, for sure...

I gave away a couple of them last week :estee lauder
compact powder foundation
and THE wonderful tinted moisturiser by Dior--- because I chose the lightest shades and i should have taken the following...silly me.

L'oreal Studio Secrets pink base (anti-dullness)-- i like to mix it with my moisturiser.

Fluid Foundations:

YSL matte touch foundation
MAC selet tint
Maybelline mineral power (fluid)- used it only twice...

Tinted moisturisers:

Estee Lauder daywear plus (good one!)
Lavera tinted moisturiser ( lovely, but the shade, called 'transparent'(!) ... is too dark for me.)

Compact foundations:

Clinique Almost powder spf 15 (... a bit of a disappointment - I think it makes my pores more noticeable... arghh)

Loose Powder:

Elizabeth Arden ( I've had them for ages... they're ok)
Everyday minerals silk veil (sorry i can't remember the exact name**)- never use it...

Mineral Foundations:

a cuople of samples by Everyday Minerals (matte and original glow- don't use them anymore) and a big one my the same brand (intensive) wich i don't use either.

Compact powder:
MAC Blot powder in medium dark -can't live without them...
MAC MSF natural in medium (very useful when you're in a rush and need a quick fix over tinted moisturiser or even on its own!)
Shiseido Compact Powder (medium)-silky, natural finish... very good!)

and I think that's it...

ohh I forgot!:

Lancome ( amazing coverage, natural finish)
Bourjois ( the one that works like YSL touch eclat)


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3 Liquid foundations (cheap drugstore, L'Oreal True Match and M.A.C Select SPF, the latter being almost empty and I don't use it because it's over 2 years old, but I keep it in case they do Back2Mac here)
4 Mineral foundations (2 different shades from EveryDay Minerals, 2 drugstore brands)
3 Concealers
1 powder
And a whole bunch of EveryDay Mineral samples.


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oh goodness.. I only have 3 and 2 of them it's not working for me anymore: Super Balanced from Clinique. The one I am loving right now is the Even Better from Clinique.. gives me the coverage i need and it is super light weight. Now i can actually know what is is to say I do not even feel I am wearing foundation :)


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Godd, I loathe tallying up my makeup xD It always makes me feel sooo guilty!

MAC Foundations ;
Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NW15, NC15 and N3 (NONE of them match. Gah. Waiting until I go back to Finland then I can pawn them off to my sister.)
Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 (about 10 shades too dark for me *eye roll*)

Max Factor ;
16hr Long Last Foundation in Porcelain

Stargazer ;
White Foundation

Illamasqua ; (FINALLY! a brand that matches me. OMG *happy dance* xD)
Rich Liquid Foundation in 105 & 100
Powder Foundation in 105
Cream Foundation in 105

And (counting these cause I think foundation cannot be left w/o powder) 2 Stargazer white powder compacts, MAC Blot Powder in Light, MAC Select Sheer in NC5, Illamasqua Pressed Powder in 010 and 100.


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foundation: 23 (and i still havnt found one that matches perfect!!grrr)
concealer: 8

for some reason i keep buying face things in hope they are "the one" but never are. shame we cant return things in the uk apart from at mac


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MUFE (HD, MAtte, Body) Chanel (matt lumiere and teint innocence), Guerlain Divinora (I adore this but it is disc), clinique even better and derma white, Bobbi Brown Stick, Bobbi brown cream, MAC: SF, Sculpting, Stick, Body, Lancome Photogenic, Lancome Minerals, Prescriptives PX, Clarins Souffle.. and Dior (2), also a fantastic line of wet/dry which I get at trade shows in various colors... gawd allmighty -- I am grateful I get to put these to work!

As for concealers I have: Lancome photogenic, absolue, effacernes, Bobbi brown correctors and concelers (various colors), MUFE, MAC concealer in tube.. lol, forgot name, MAC SS in various shades, Ben Nye color wheels (2), Graftobian palettes (2), EL one in pot, one stick, Cle de peau (personal), YSL Touche Eclat four colors, Laura Mercier orange/beige concealer ~~ also a full line of pencil concealers in various colors (orange, yellow, beige, green lilac from Staedler) hell, I can;t even remember them all unless I go to my cases and start counting!

I also have quite a few primers in colors and tinted moisturizers as well as illuminating moisturizers and primers!

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