How many foundations do you own?


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At the moment, I own 3 different foundations and 3 different powders. They all work well, but I choose which one to wear based on what I'm doing or where I'm going. I'm really tempted to buy more, though. I still haven't tried Revlon Colorstay, and I have heard quite a few good things about it. I think it will have to be my next purchase.


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Foundation 4
Tinted moisturizer 0
Concealers 2

These are split along summer and winter matches


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I recently purchased Revlon Colorstay foundation in Ivory and I love it! I also bought the Korres tinted moisturizer to try out for the summer.


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Foundation: I own 2, & that's only because I bought the wrong one (The Body Shop Moisturising) so my amazing boyfriend bought me the right one (The Body Shop Oil Balancing). <3 him.

Concealers: Zero

Powders: 1. I bought it from The Body Shop, I don't use it much as it is way too dark but the other shade was way too light & had pink undertones.
I usually use M-A-C Blot Powder in Medium but I am on a budget, credit crunch grrr.


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Foundation: 4, and one darker foundation i use for contouring.
Concealer- 3, i'm looking at some more though.
TM- none i like to mix my own with moisturizer that way i can decide on the ratio depending on the amount of coverage i'm after.


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4 foundation not counting my samples... 7 counting my estee lauder and everyday mineral samples
1 concealor
2 powders
three but only one is the right colour :S
one was a really dark one that i use for summer although it still is a little off (will have to buy another one this time), the other one is good for the rest of the year, and one i never use that has a pink undertone and breaks me out (loreal true match one)


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Foundations: 8 - because my skin keeps changing shades on me
Tinted moisturizers: 0 - I just mix whatever foundation and moisturizer
Concealers: 3


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I have two foundations, MAC Studio Fix Liquid and Bare Minerals in Fair. In terms of concealers, I also have two, MAC Studio Finish and Everyday Minerals, which is a sample size but has lasted me for ages!


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Foundations - 8 (and lots of samples)
Tinted moisturiser - 1
Powder foundation - 2
Powders - 3
Concealer- 1

I think I need a collection sort out, still looking for my HG foundation


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liquid foundations - 30
powder foundation- 15
tinted moisturizer - 6
concealers - 10
regular powders - 20


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liquid- 3 ; MUFE HD for fuller coverage days
MUFE Face and body for almost everyday
Stila One Step : I got it as gratis, its kinda shitty, i never use it

Powder- 1; BE


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Foundation: 2--because I'm having a hard time deciding if I like MUFE HD or Mat Velvet better

Concealer: 2 (Amazing & Boi-ing--love them both)


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Liquid / cream foundation: MUFE HD, MAC studio sculpt, Shu uemura face architect liquid foundation, Korres liquid foundatin

Tinted moisturiser / BB cream: Shiseido tinted moisturizer, Dr Jart BB cream

Powder foundation: MAC lightful ultracharge powder foundation

Mineral foundation: Bare minerals, Jane Irridale

Total foundation:9

Concealers: 2


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5 Foundations: MAC SFF, Bourjois Healthy Mix, 3 from Everyday Minerals
TM: MAC Studio Moisture Tint
2 Concealers: Bourjois Healthy mix and MAC SF

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