How many foundations do you own?


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Foundations: 3
Moisturizers: 2
Concealor: 1
Powder: 2

The makeup artist applied NW43 Studio Fix Fluid on me. But after getting a sample of NW45, I think it's much closer to my skin color. So today, I'm returning the NW43 for the NW45. I'd like to eventually try Prescriptives and see what they can match to my African-American skin tone.


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foundations: about 8 and lots of samples
tinted moisturizers: none, dont use them
concealer: about 4


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Foundations - 5, I only really use 2 of them though!
Tinted Moisturizers - 1, don't use it. Too dark...
Concealers - 2


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Foundation: Four, all of the shades differ hugely too! Haha. I use two.
Tinted Moisturizers: Zero, but I do mix my foundation with moisturiser anyway.
Concealer: Two, one liquid, one stick.

Tsunami Rose

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1 Foundation
1 Pressed Blot Powder

That's it.


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Foundation: 12
Tinted Moisturizers: 2
Concealer: 6

I have all of these in NC's and NW's because depending on the time of year, my undertones change. Also I use different foundations depending on what type of look I'm trying to achieve for my skin


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Ok, I'm not going to include the ones sitting at the bottom of my traincase never to see the light of day again.

foundations: 2
tinted moisturizers: 1
Concealer: 3

Simply Elegant

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Foundations: 5 (CoverFX naturalFX, SFF, MUFE mat velvet+, CoverFX powderFX, CoverFX cream foundation) I only really like the last 3.
Tinted moisturizer: Maybelline pure. Love this one.
Concealer: 2 MUFE's lift concealer but I just use the cream foundation as a concealer.
Powder: 4, Almay pressed powder for oily skin, CoverFX matteFX, NYC loose and pressed.

I already have my HGs for face makeup now though.


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foundation : 14
tinted moisturizers: none, I don't use them, too light for me
concealer: 3 and some samples

I can't seem to get the right foundation for me.


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foundations: 3 different but four bottles
tinted moisturizers: none, haven't ever used then as m skin really needs coverage
concealer: 4, but one of them is a pallette kind of thing with three shades.


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Foundations: 4 (all Px, though I did recently B2M some Studio Fix fluid and powder)
Concealer: 5 (4 MAC, 1 MUFE)
Powder: 6 (loose and pressed; 2 loose I NEVER touch)
Tinted moisturizer: 1 (I bought the new one from Revlon on a whim and only used it once...)

Looking for HG foundation; I have a sample of BB oil free that seems promising, but don't want to pay $40 for it

Edit: I returned the MUFE concealer yesterday and spent that $30 on 2 brushes, lol. Also got a new Studio Fix, so now I have 5 foundations).


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Foundations: 2
Tinted Moisturizers: 0
Concealers: 3

I hate buying foundations, they're the most boring looking item to get


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I am super-simple:
Foundations - 2 (One powder BE and liquid MUFE)
Tinted Moisturizer - 1 STILA, but sucks
Concealers: 2, both MAC select cover up, one for winter one for summer


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Foundation: 1 (though I'm planning on getting another soon)
TM: 0 (planning on this one too :p)
Concealer: 1
Powders: 2

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