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"Love that old gold" tutorial (my 1st - pic heavy!)


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Great tut! I definitely did NOT think there were too many pics and loved all the detailed steps. Like many others have said, I never would have thought to combine these colors but i'm now inspired, thanks


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I have a question:

Would you tell that the brush with the silver handle are great? In comparison to MAC? I saw them on ebay and I like them... but not sure if they are worth the money?


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WOW. just wow.
im so impressed! i love the colours!!

and what foundation is it (did you mix both clarins and mac sff)?
your skin looks flawless!!

and i love how you did your brows, its really nice! and cute brush haha (the one with the black line across the white bristles)

and the zhen loose powder, where can i get it? sounds interesting =)

ok i typed too much. oopps


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LOVE this look! I'm getting a sample of old gold tonight from a friend, I have to try this out tomorrow!

Btw, you're one of the prettiest people I've ever seen. Hope the baby decides to come any day now!


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Oh My Stars!
I was soooooooooooo glad that you did a tutorial, I look for your FOTD's everytime I sign on you are truly talented. I will be trying this look tomorrow since I'm already made-up for today. And congrats on lil' Riley, I'd been away for a couple of weeks and didn't see you had delivered.

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