MAC magazine advertisement? Since when?


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I dunno, but recently I have seen a lot of MAC - from a customers perspective. I have been registered with the website for years and only ever received once-monthly new collection emails. This year, I have started receiving flyers in the post for all the major collections (N, NSF, CoC) but in the last month I have received 5 emails from them about various aspects of their service (incl. Facebook info) and also trend updates, VAE and new collections. Dont get me wrong I love it.

Also today I picked up Grazia magazine and found a full page advert showing the fashion week image (bottom half of models face in tealy blue colour with superimposed image of pink lips) "The Official Makeup Brand of London fashion Week" "MAC SS09" I thought at first it was a fashion week advert but then I saw the MAC web address which I think suggests its a MAC advert.

Just wondered if anyone else has noticed more and more MAC marketing recently? The reason for my surprise at the magazine advert is cos I was told that MAC dont directly advertise in the media but maybe things are changing (or this may be a one-off?) IDK!


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the only ads ive seen are the viva glam ones mmmhh but maybe they plan on doing more


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maybe it was more cos of London Fashion week? i dunno. but i like that MAC dont generally advertise in magazines or tv lol


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In general I wouldn't be surprised if Mac tries to reach different audiences by advertising. I have noticed them generating more mail too but I see that as making up for the lack of postcards with new collections


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I miss the postcards.
I think a lot of us do. Granted, there are adverstising methods that offer broader dissemination and are probably less expensive than the postcards, but they made the MAC experience better and more unique. They were something to look forward to.


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I have received postcards for Fafi, N collection, Neo SF and CoC this year and picked up the very few we received at the counter too...

I personally dont think they will continue to advertise so extensively for new collections and feel the fashion week advert is to reinforce their position as (one of the) the strongest backstage brands for the fashion industrys biggest events.

Ive definitely seen a growth in Fashion Week coverage in the past two years in papers and magazines and blogs etc so no doubt MAC have to keep up with the rest...


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Hmm, this doesnt sound right because MAC does not advertise other viva glam in magazines. it may be an advert for fashion weeks trends and where to find the products. it's true mac is the main brand they use. maybe it was a fully paid for advert by mac but that doesnt seem right. wierd


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Not only do i not get the flyer things in the mail-- but i got one for NeoSciFi and not for ANYTHING else...... i was nooooooooot happy!


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Originally Posted by glam8babe
i dont understand why i never get mailers
ive spent a few thousand on MAC! and still no mailers

We had a Mac Consumer Relations artist tell us that only a select handfull of people recieve the actual flyers in the post. These are people who either spend a lot on the website or people who have only submitted their home address and no email address for communication. The reason being they said it cost something like £3 to produce each card...?

I am a bit gutted too because I WOULD LOVE to recieve the flyers! I'm a total mac geek and collect the postcards so they would go nicely with everything! I was gutted when loads of people got the fafi card with stickers! Don't they know a true mac fan when they see one lol!!

DirtyPLum: I was also told that mac don't spend money on advertising. So I am confused...PS: Tried to send you a message about product spec. ideas but it said your inbox was full! xx


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^^ I have submitted my email and home address... and I rarely used to buy online. I used to spend silly in store though and now what with working in London during the week I am close to Pro and all the freestanding stores so can shop as a staff member .. I still continue to buy like a real addict.

I wonder if we'll see more ads or if this is a one off?

(Glitter... try now!)


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I have a fairly small MAC collection compared to a lot of girls here, maybe spending $2,000 in 2 years lol... and I *finally* got my first postcard thing in the mail on Friday... for the Cremesheen lipsticks. Finally, something lol.


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Typically when MAC ends up in a magazine, its the editor's doing. For example, when there are product reviews in magazines, editors receive those products for free to try them and write about them. MAC themselves don't pay for that advertising...the same goes for any coverage as far as fashion and runway shows. The people writing the stories choose what to put out there. The only advertising that MAC does is the Viva Glam campaign.


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Yeah so I was coming home from London today, stopped in the Waterloo WHSmith to get a copy of POP magazine for the train, and I open it and find a huge double page advertisement for MAC. It's a pinkyblue picture of some eyes and some funky glasses/visor thing. It wasn't for fashion week or anything, it was just an advert.
So yeah, I came home and wondered if they'd started advertising but couldn't find anything? If I cba I'll scan it later or something.