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minimizing discoloration tutorial


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This is why I haven't been posting FOTDs lately...I burned my face very badly with hot wax and it left some pretty nasty looking scars, so I couldn't wear makeup. It's mostly healed up now and the scar tissue/flaky skin has mostly flaked away, leaving dark discoloration all over my left cheek and on the upper part of my right cheekbone.

So, this is how I've been getting around it recently, now that I can wear makeup again. My goal was to detract attention from the cheeks by having big, bright eyes and lightly glossy lips.

I did use a very sheer foundation, as I don't want to suffocate the scars/healing area too much, and I think some scars add character (even if it is "um, yeah, I'm stupid and did this to myself via facial waxing").

I'm sure you could get more coverage if you used a slightly heavier foundation, or if you chose to use a concealer first. It might be difficult to find one that'll blend in with the black-brown color of the scarring, though. Even the one I used, which is a perfect match for me normally, looks slightly ashy over the darkness of the scars.

MAC Select Tint foundation in NC45
Sonia Kashuk foundation brush
Sally Hansen Cornsilk "No Color Matte" face powder

Wet 'n' Wild H2O Proof black liquid eyeliner
Prestige waterproof pencil eyeliner
Wet 'n' Wild kohl/eyeliner/brow pencil in Mink Brown
Maybelline Volum Express Turbo waterproof mascara
Wet 'n' Wild Mega Eyes creme eyeshadow in Cafe au Lait (highlight)

Davie's Gate Pink Grapefruit lipgloss


This is how my left cheek looks with no makeup.


Close up. You can see the skin is mostly smooth now, but still dark.


Right cheek.


So we start! Foundation on the hand.


Apply in a "patting" motion instead of brushing.


This is halfway done.


Mostly covered now.


Apply slightly winged black liquid eyeliner.


Curl lashes and apply oodles of mascara (yes, OODLES!
Also line waterline, and add highlight in inner corner/browbone.


Draw in brows.


Apply lipgloss, and lightly powder face. You're done!




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wow you're stunning. I love the simplicity of this, I hope the scaring fades away, but you've done a good job of coping with it.


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Your scar will fade in time. I had a horrible curling iron burn in my face a few years ago (before I went natural) & you can't even tell anything happened....But back to you ...You are gorgeous & did a great job of concealing.


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U look amazing...scars or no scars hon thank u for the wonderful tut. I told u some ways to make the skin heal faster in ur comments on ur picture under FOTDs i hope that makes sense...
ur gorgeous


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Sorry about the burnage, looks like it's healing well, just don't forget the SPF! You still look great with or without scars though.


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you have such FABULOUS lashes! I'm getting lash envy.
and that lip colour is really pretty with your skin tone.


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you did an amazing job!
sorry about your scars though. i'm sure that hurt! but, you're very beautiful =]


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Can I just tell you that you are beautiful even with no makeup and Boo Boo's. Try putting some Clinique Rapid Recovery Cream on it. When I had my Blepharoplasty (eye job) I put it on my incisions and now you can't even see them. I also use this stuff right after waxing my upper lip and the red is gone within 30 to 40 seconds. Ask them for a sample at the Clinique counter. You probably won't even use it all up by the time you're healed and it soaks right in so I won't be greasy and yucky.


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poor thing, burns are terrible. Please use SPF religiously, sun will increase the darkness of scaring. i had a c-section and went fake-n-bakin' right after and my scar when crazy dark on me. Clinique does work great, I used after my nose job!


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awww i feel for ya hun - why dont you try threading your face instead of waxing - less chance of mistakes happening?? just a thought...


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Damn, how did you manage to get burned that badly? Did you not realize it was hot?

Hope it heals up soon!!!


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I Pray That You Heal So Quickly That It Will All Just Be A Faint Memory
Your Make~up Is Absolutely Stunning!