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minimizing discoloration tutorial


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I'm sorry you hurt yourself! You've definitely improvised & utilized your cosmetic resources, though & came through with FLYING colors! You did a great job & the discoloration is completely unnoticeable in your finished picture.
You did an amazing job!!
I went to my dermatologist the other day (she's very very good), and she told me that Retanoid creams can help with discoloration (I have some from acne).
I'm not sure if it's ok for those types of scars, but it's worth checking with a dermatologist to see if Retanoids will help.

You have amazing eyes and lashes, by the way.


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your eyes are stunning, but question...did you only apply foundation to that part of your face or did you put it all over?

i have some redness in my cheeks from breakouts (and breakouts on my forehead because it's so oily) and as of now i only use powder, but i was thinking about using foundation to cover it up or just using some concealer and then dusting powder over my face. any suggestions?


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AWWWWWWWWWWWW... I'm so sorry to learn about your burning. You have an incredibly smooth skin and beautiful features, not to mention a lovely outlook on life. I hope the scars fade soon and you have your stunning skin back to normal again.


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Maybelline Volum Express Turbo waterproof mascara best mascara evver!!!! and your sooo pretty your hair is hot i want it lol


ur makeup is very natural yet very gorgeous and i too am getting eyelash envy from looking at yours!

i'm sure the discolouration well fade to minimal in no time hun.


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Your eyes are so Amazing i dont think anyone will notice those scars. I hope they heal. I hate scarring!


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You are so gorgeous hun. I'm so sorry about the burn and scars - they will fade over time. You are so beautiful with zero makeup so you def have nothing to worry about. You have some sexy azz lips too girlie!

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