NARS Audacious Lipstick


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I gave my RIta to my Aunt, it looks fantastic on her. Like it was totally made for her. I would've like to give her the one in the red case. She doesn't/wouldn't care, but I'd like her to have it


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I swatched Kate and Shirley yesterday. On my next payday I'm going to add both of those girls to my collection. The MUA that was helping me used a little Taj Mahal to make a beautiful Ombre lip. He used Train Bleu to line, Shirley to fill in and added Taj Mahal to the center.

that combination sounds devine


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There's a new NARS red and I didn't know about it? Sheesh where have I been.

Obviously I am going to have to buy it. Rita is still my favorite lipstick ever, though.

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