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...night Fever...


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I really like this one. I think this would be good on me to wear during the day when I want to make an impression

FF by Shiseido lipstick in BE201. Love this glossy nude colour.

oh! love this colour! but I don't find it neither on the Shiseido nor on the Sephora websites?



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awesome. I love your makeup style, even the darkest smokey would look jentle and soft. I like it. It's really like me in the real life
(I post here some crazy looks sometimes, which I don't actually wear).
This is an awesome look. You look absolutely gorgeous!!!! I like you both with and without false lashes. Keep up the good work and give us some more tuts, if you can.


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So pretty! Thanks for this amazing tut!
What did you use for your brows?
Oh, and I think that Kevin Aucoin blusher would scare me if I saw it in the pot, but you look amazing with it! I can't wait to give it a try!

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