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My Favorite Is PERRY ELLIS 360 But In All Honesty I Would Wear And Try Any Perfumes Especially If They Have A CUTE BOTTLE Design I know That Sounds Weird But I Love the Cute/Different Perfume Bottles I COLLECT Them Now!


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It depends on the time of the year for me. Summer/Spring i like fresh clean, fruity i.e. Armani aqua di gio, Bond no 9 mandison square garden. Fall/Winter still floral but gentle more sexy like Pleasures, or bright cyrstal or dolce the one.


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Creed Royal Water, Gucci Envy Me and the one scent that I ALWAYS get compliments on Body by Victoria (Victoria's Secret)


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Toughie! Generally, clean "green" scents. Lately Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose & Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream.