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I have three actually:
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Chanel Coco Noir and
my most most most favorite being Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


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The smell of fresh soil, like when you open a bag of potting soil and give it a smell. It's a earthy smell, it's the same scent you would get if you are walking around the woods on a drizzly day.
Le Labo Rose 31


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The best smell is always associated with some sweet memories. For me it's Roma by Laura Biagiotti, precious gift from a person I was deeply in love at that time. I remember that smell forever.


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When I first got into fragrance about 8 years ago I went mad on ordering samples and decants trying to understand styles and categories and 'catching up' with the old and modern classics. I was so looking forward to Fracas from all the blog reviews but when I finally purchased it the tuberose was far too overwhelming for me and I couldn't even get my mind around it or understand why someone would want to smell that strong. I tended to favour leathers, tobacco and roses. I did however always love jasmine, any jasmine, from the fun and funky Jasmin et Cigarettes from ELDO to the divine vintage Joy. As my tastes changed and developed my love for jasmine never died and slowly, through this path I started to find tuberose's attractive. When I moved to a much warmer climate I found myself even craving that crazy rich and often grainy flower from the pungent, flesh devouring richness of Malle's Carnal Flower to the sophisticated and elegant Beyond Love By Kilian. And now, I think I'm ready to find some Fracas - and drench myself in it!

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