Question: Best nude pink lipstick/lipgloss


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Yep, As stated above I desire a nude and a pale shade of pink. Anyone want to recommend me one? Please?


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How pigmented are your lips? Mine are pretty pigmented, and I love peachstock as a nude. On pale lips, it can look a little corpse like though.

Lure and Giddy are my favorite pale pinks, but since both are fairly sheer, i have to use a base for them to show up. They would work really well on lips without a lot pigment.


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for a pale pink, giddy is really cute. or if you want to try some milani, pick up some of their moon over paradise lipstick


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body suit and jubilee are the only nudes from MAC(or anyone) that actually look good on me.
Then again, I'm excessively picky.

Anyways, yes:

Body Suit & Jubilee


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So far i've picked up Snob, I could only afford one.
I wanted to get my boyfriend a little something since he broke his wrist this afternoon.


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If you still see Sweet Senation from the Diana Ross look, get it! Sweetest milky baby pink ever!