Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler


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are the ones on ebay real? i bought a pair from from alphabeauty, but i really hope they not fakes!!!


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theres a revlon one that is identical to the shu. i have both and they are *identical* and do the exact same thing. its the revlon beauty shapers extra curl.
you can see it on the revlon website:
Revlon Beauty Tools: all things eyes

i got mine at target and it was around $5 and came with two refill pads.


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I want to get one of these, but there aren't any retailers where I live. Can anyone recommend an online store that ships to Europe (or even better is located in Europe) or a reputable ebay seller (same criteria as above)?


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I love my Shu curler, it works sooo much better on my stubborn straight as a board lashes than any other one I've tried and believe me I've tried alot.


I still need to heat mine up to get a curl. For me this was nothing special. It's nice, but not much different than a Revlon one.


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I bought a Shu curler not too long ago and I LOVE it! Works better than anything I have tried


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I love the shu curler. I swear I use it one day and my lashes still look curled the next. When I bought it I expected it to be good but it's so hyped up that I didn't think it would be as amazing as people say. It so is though.


I have used only cheaper ones and i think my current one is from h&m and works really fine for me. All i've used makes the same kind of result so i quite don't believe uemura could be that much better.


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Well the one I had before I bought the Shu was a Revlon that pinched my eyes. And the Shu doesn't, so for that reason I love it, lol.


I love my Shu for curling my eyelashes! I am asian and it can get a bit tricky.... I did try out the Shiseido one first but the Shu one definitely takes the cake lol


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I've heard a lot of good things about this curler, how it was the best one out there..but after this I'm not sure I'll purchase it. My cheapy one does me just fine!


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Originally Posted by AshleyTatton
I love my Shu curler, it works sooo much better on my stubborn straight as a board lashes than any other one I've tried and believe me I've tried alot.

haha i had the same problem until i got a hold of a shu eyelash curler. its my HG eyelash curler


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I have this curler and I'm having a strange problem with it. After a few weeks of use, it keeps like, splitting the curler pad. As in, the part that clamps down will form a crevice in the pad from the pressure. And then it'll pinch my lashes. This is happened several times (even after I changed the pad). Is anyone else having this problem or could my curler be defective? Thanks!


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Was gifted the much hyped Shu curler and honestly don't see any different between it and curlers I've gotten at the drugstore for $2!


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The shu uemura curler worked really great for me when I first took it out of the packaging. It seems to have dulled though and no longer performs well. No biggie, since I'm buying the gold one soon on eBay :)

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