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Thanks for the info. Oh and I checked out the new brush on the TF website. Yowsa! It is 150 too! Now I've become a brush lover lately and have upped my game but I just don't understand this one. I thought they are now all synthetics. So what is the deal? I think I really do need to go see these products in person. I am highly curious.
You're pretty much paying for the Tom Ford name in regards to the brushes these days which, yeah, are all synthetic now. Supposedly, the old brushes were made by Hakuhodo, but I'm not sure about these ones.


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The palettes look very pretty but I think I’m passing on them for now. I’ve been using Surratt for powder shadows and the Tom Ford or rituel de fille for cream shadows for the past year or so. I haven’t really had an urge to get anything else.

I’m also passing on the foundation. I never really like Tom Ford foundations, and $150 is steep.


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I have a sample of it and have been enjoying it. I think I may splurge. The sample container is quite generous. I have used it everyday for a week. Still more in the container too.

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