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I would really love for someone to teach the new wave makeup look. i believe its call HD.


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I have a request for a tutorial! I just got the 5 Haute High Jinks pigment set from Mac holiday collection. The colors are so pretty but it would be nice to see a tutorial on this. Thanks!



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Hi! I never wear eyeshadow but i would like to start. I have tried it but it just doesn't look right to me. I have large eyelids so I'm not exactly sure how I should be applying the eyeshadow. Can anyone help me please????


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I would love it if someone did a tutorial on how to depot the new quads i.e. from the spring color forecast. I'm scared to even attempt to do this on my own right now.

Edit: nevermind, I figured it out!
how do i use fascinating eye pencil as a base?

im not sure what technique and brushes to use.

pictures and different ideas on how to use "fascinating" appreciated!

thanks guys


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Re: how do i use fascinating eye pencil as a base?

Sometimes I use it before I apply my brow highlight to intensify the colour. I apply just a bit by drawing a line in the area I want and then pat it down and blend with my #252


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Eye Makeup for hooded eyes?

Hi all!

I was wondering whether anybody would be able to give me any tips as to how to apply AND blend eyeshow to people with hooded eyes.

I have a hooded eye (where the skin folds over the crease, essentially eliminating any sort of definate crease) and so I have never been able to apply eyeshadows and it's very frustrating as I want to be able to blend beautiful colours and enhance my eye colour too!

I'd really appreciate the advice!

Steph xxx


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Re: Eye Makeup for hooded eyes?

I find when it comes to hooded eyes Enkore and MichellePhan have the best techniques out there - if you havent heared of the i highly suggest checking them out on Youtube.


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Hi! I would really love it if someone could do a tutorial on this look of Leona Lewis'. When I saw this pic I thought she looked amazing. What a beautiful eye. It made me think of my GreasePaint Sticks. If you have one could you please use it? Thanks so much.


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i live in SoCal and would love to see some tutorials on some spring/summer looks. it would be great to vary from simple subtle colors (browns, corals) to a bit offbeat colors (greens, blues) - but avoid the heavy look. thanks!

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