What fashion magazines do you read?


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Cosmpolitan, Marie Claire and Elle for me. I also get fashion inspiration from BUST and VenusZine magazines. I used to read teen magazines from the UK (like Sugar) for inspiration as well.

Does anyone remember ElleGIRL? I LOVED that magazine and thought the fashion advice was amazing. It was like lookbook.nu in magazine form! How I miss that magazine..


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I like Vogue... My hubby picks it up for me whenever a new issue comes out and I like to read it in the morning while I eat my breakfast...


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subscribe:cosmo, teen vogue, seventeen, marie claire, harpers bazaar, allure & glamour i buy regularly: cosmo uk, glamour uk, people style watch, j14, ok magazine, in touch, star, and instyle. My boyfriend hates how much mags i buy but i love them all so much.


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Glamour, Allure, Instyle, Lucky, Marie Claire (ever since Nina Garcia from project runway stepped in), and WWD


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I subscribe to Cosmo (which usually takes me less than an hour to read. It has gotten a bit...formulaic as of late), Allure, Marie Clare (which often has decent articles on world issues) and Glamour (which also has some decent articles)

Last year I fell in LOVE with MissBehave, a glossy out of New York and the Editor in Chief decided to go all mommy on them and it went belly up. Nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom, mind you, but I was so sad to see it go. The writing was witty and the stuff they found was just awesome. It was real.


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Allure gives great makeup/beauty advice, but does anyone recommend a good high fashion magazine (not necessarily InStyle or Lucky)? I know Vogue is probably a go-to for high fashion (I only read it at the library though and don't subscribe), but I have seriously been considering subscribing to Bazaar..they seem to rank up there with Vogue but they're not as expensive.



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^ I say go with Bazaar...it never disappoints. I get all my inspiration from that mag. It's got everything from classic styles to super trendy.


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I'm practically married to Allure! Such a magazine staple for me with all the cool ideas and reviews throughout the pages every month.

I also LOVE Nylon (a magazine that is more my style) and like Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, & Lucky [ especially with their mix of high- & low-end items ]


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I am really enjoying Vogue. I subscribed for the first time about 6 months ago--for $1 per issue, $12 total for a year. Pretty reasonable, IMO.

Jessie May

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Originally Posted by Le-Saboteur
Only one I actually buy is NZ Fashion Quarterly. It's full of great stuff and is actually local (as opposed to being just barely Australian, like every other 'local' mag is).

LOVE FQ. <3 Haha.

I tend to also pick up, when I have some extra pay lying around, Australian Vogue, RUSSH and Nylon.


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I've always been a fan of InStyle! Lately I've been liking Elle and Nylon too. Elle seems to be a really interesting, thorough magazine with lots of coverage on fashion/beauty and I like Nylon's alternative perspective of fashion.

Allure kind of bores me sometimes
even though I thought it was makeup/beauty centred?
I pretty much read everything, it depends on who's on the cover that month and the editorials.

Harpers Bazaar and Teen Vogue are my regulars. I also pick up Nylon, Elle US, Vogue Paris, i-D, and Allure


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Elle US version
InStyle US version
Glamour UK version
People StyleWatch

I still love magazines, I do get most of my makeup news and inspiration online though. Anyone know any good fashion websites?