What fragrance do men compliment you on the most?


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My boyfriend never likes my perfumes when I get them but after a few wears he will compliment me. Lol, the one he has complimented me on most has been Viva La Juicy, I guess because it's so sweet.
I get compliments on Viva La Juicy too, which is odd, because I think it smells like Grape Koolaid. Anything vanilla is popular, BBW warm vanilla sugar is popular. DH likes Ed Hardy Woman. Not sure why.


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Thierry Mugler's Angel is the one I've always been complimented on, especially by men. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan was a close second.


I always got a lot of compliments (even random guys out in bars LOL) when I wore Britney Spears Fantasy.
Seconded! I wear this for work and every time I wear it a different male colleague will comment on it. I really don't get it. If I wear a more expensive perfume I get nothing! :S


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Maison martin margiela Jazz Club
My cousin's husband just thought it was the most cool scent ever .... LOL
He said - '' Who smell awesome? Like we are going out or something? let's go to the club!''
Jazz club notes are rum, tobacco, leather and vanilla!
Smell divine!


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My boyfriend goes nuts when I wear Reb'l Fleur in the Rihanna collection. Also Calyx which was originally by Prescriptive but I think is now owned by another company.


Maybe its weird but my woman loves smell of Old Spice product. She always says that it is very male and suits to me. She is very happy when I use some of this products Antiperspirant & Deodorant so.. do you know.. I cant refuse my love and just use it everyday. I like it too, so I don’t have problem with expensive perfume.

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