What fragrance do men compliment you on the most?


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My friend loves when I wear Marc Jacobs Daisy. He just bought me a botttle of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. I like it, he loves it :)


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The men around me tend to love Kenneth Cole Reaction. Both men and women love Paris Hilton Can Can on me... even hours after I've applied it.


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I was at the airport last week and the TSA agent complimented me on the MAC Aquatic fragrance. I don't like wearing a heavy fragrance especially when I'm traveling, don't want to have my seat neighbors talking about me. hahahaha but it was really nice that he noticed it.


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Pure by DKNY.. I got a sample from sephora and I wish I would of bought the full size because so many people asked me what I was wearing.. Its the perfect scent all year long & its not too strong. Perfumes tend to give me headaches so thats always important.


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Have to agree they seem to like the foody scents. I switch perfumes depending on my mood & I've gotten the most compliments on Miss Dior Cherie (hello caramel popcorn!) & Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb - the hubby loves flowerbomb but it's so full-on I only wear it in the colder months, & even then I have to spray it in the air & walk into the "cloud"


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Mainstream: Chanel Coco or Coromandel, or Dior Hypnotic Poison. Warm, spicy oriental fragrances are best for me, and the hubby loves it when I wear exotic stuff. I'm one of those rare women where Opium and Obsession don't turn into wrist scrubbers. >_>

Niche: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Tombeur by a long shot. I got stopped by so many male coworkers asking what I was wearing with this on. It's the only scent I have multiple bottles of.


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Philosophy Falling in love
One of my guy friends literally said when I sat down in my class O_O WHO SMELLS SO PRETTY?!


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That would be MV2. I actually went into the MAC store and an associate was wearing this...I bought it on the spot. He actually mixes MV1 and MV2. I normally wear one or the other and sometimes both. I love it!!


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My guy friend complimented me on my perfume when I was wearing Pink Sugar. My boyfriend also loves DKNY Golden Delicious and Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume.


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Girls complement me on Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy or Vera Wang Princess
Guys tend to like it when I wear D&G L'Imperatrice =]


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I get compliments from women when I've worn VR Flowerbomb, and compliments from men whenever I wear D&G Light Blue.


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My boyfriend never likes my perfumes when I get them but after a few wears he will compliment me. Lol, the one he has complimented me on most has been Viva La Juicy, I guess because it's so sweet.

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