What fragrance do men compliment you on the most?


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The fragrances I own that get me most compliments are:

Dior Addict
Ange ou Demon
Black XS
S de Scherrer

.... all of these have a common link - vanilla! I love vanilla which is probably why I'm drawn to them. Men seem to be drawn to vanilla too. :)


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Armani Code and Lust by Lush :)

I find that boys like to compliment me on the woody and musky scents, and I have to admit that a musky scent suits me a lot more than a floral scent


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My husband notices when I wear Love Spell from VS... he likes the fruityness of it on me, but he also likes deeper, muskier perfumes. I think his favorite of mine is Ed Hardy Love and Luck. It smells nice on me (my girl friends have even noticed and said they smelled it in the bottle and didn't like it, but on me it was lovely)

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It definitely has to be Flower by Kenzo. Everybody always compliments me on this, not just men. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is a close second.


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I have gotten compliments from all of my boyfriend's male friends while wearing Burberry Brit and from my girfriends also. I've also gotten compliments from men and women while wearing Nina by Nina Ricci. I never got any compliment about my Betsey Johnson perfume. I've also gotten comments about my Yves Rocher Orange Blossom&honey, but I think my best friend hates it. We were once sitting in class next to each other and she said there was a smell of ''cheap, crappy perfume worse than sh*t'''. Yeah.


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Tom Ford's Black Orchid -- it's not so much compliments as men seem to hit on me like I'm the last living female when I wear it.


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ME TOO!! I never, ever, EVER got a compliment on my fragrance until I started wearing Euphoria - kind of a surprise because I wouldn't have thought!

I like Marc Jacobs Lola and the new Love Chloe but no compliments with those.... :(
I think the only perfume that a guy (many surprisingly) has ever complimented me on was Calvin Klein Euphoria. They all want to purchase it for their wives.

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Surprisingly it's one of the cheapest ones that I have. Got a compliment from my massage therapist the other day as well. Jessica Simpson's Fancy Love (the older one of hers).


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As of late, a strawberry thingy from the Body Shop. I don't get it, I feel like I smell like jam.


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Black XS, Paco Rabanne
Dior Addict

and the most compliments are for Dior Hypnotic Poison that is my favourite and my boyfriend hates it!

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