What fragrance do men compliment you on the most?


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Without a doubt it's Stella McCartney. It's so light and fresh, not too overpowering, and men seem to LOVE it! Even my best guy friend, who is totally not the type to notice anything like that, leaned over and told me he couldn't help but notice how great I smelled!

The second most complimented perfume I own is Sin by Kat von D. This is very strong (for me) but still sexy and mysterious, never too overwhelming.


Estee Lauder Pleasures
Cacharel Amor Amor
Dkny Be Delicious
Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

i got many compliments on it.


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Men always comment when I'm wearing bvlgari jasmine noir. It's weird, they never comment on any other perfume I wear but they seem to luuuuurve that one!


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Christian Dior Forever and Ever. It's a little hard to find and not very popular but it's so light and feminine and just "happy!". I've had quite a few compliments on it from guys, esp in the summertime. Think girl next door.


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Back in middle/high school, I always got compliments when I was wearing Miami Glow by JLo, which was fruity, coconut-y, and dried down to vanilla & musk. Quite nice! But now my scent preferences have changed, so I'm on the prowl for that scent that'll make men go gaga. I've heard lavender & pumpkin pie is the most *ahem* arousing scent combination for men . . . wonder if anyone makes one like that!

Bathed and Infused (no affiliation here, but I should buy stock) puts out Purple Pumpkin circa Halloween and it is the most gorgeous lavender and pumpkin scent...


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It's not even a perfume but whenever I wear Bath and body works Night Blooming Jasmine men constantly ask what I'm wearing. (i'm kind of mad it was discontinued and is only sold during the semi-annual sale)


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I have over 50 perfumes (mix of high and lower end), and still to this day the one i receive the most compliments on is Aquolina's Pink Sugar....which happens to also be my favourite with Dior's Miss Dior at a close second!


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Ed Hardy, that tall skinny bottle one is by man's favorite.

Dolce and Gabanna The One

and Victoria Secrets Cashmere vanilla jasmine < super feminine and pretty !

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