What will/did you name your Children.


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I don't want to give my children odd, hard to pronounce names like my mom gave me!!

Girls: Isabella, Cori, or Lisa
Boys: Henry, Adam, Joseph, or Jonathan


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Originally Posted by red
I have 2 boys: Joshua & Jordan

LOL Those are my cousin's names.

For me:

Girls: Reanna (before the singer
), Anastasia, Fiona
Boys: Darren, William, James, Henry


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All the boys names I like have been taken by my boyf's brother who has FOUR boys!!! Grrr!

If we have girls I love these names:

Ava Melody
Alyssa Sky


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Wow! How did I miss this part of Specktra for this long???

Anyways ... my oldest son is Shelby Eldred Ford (yes ... two middle names). Shelby is for Carroll Shelby (the creator of the 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang GT 500 also known as 'Eleanor' and the Dodge Viper, amongst many other hot cars), Eldred was my grandfather whom I promised I would name a kid after when I was nine right before he died, and Ford is for both the car and my great-uncle (he and my great-aunt never had kids of their own, so we wanted to honor him too).

The baby (actually two ... but still MY baby) is Atticus Neo. Atticus is for Atticus Finch, the dad in To Kill a Mockingbird (the best, most profound book ever) and Neo is made up of one letter from both their father's name (Smokey ... yes that is his real name), my name Erin and Shelby's name. No ... he is NOT named after the Matrix guy, though we love that movie!

If we ever have a girl (doubtful at this point) she will be Briseis (pronounced Brih-say-us ... the Trojan priestess of Apollo that Achilles falls for in the Iliad) Persephone (Odysseus's wife in the Odyssey).


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My favourite boys name is Julian. For girls I like Harper (after a character in a play that I love) and Robyn.


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well i've not got any children yet but me and my husband do want one child at some point! actually he wants 2! i want 1!

But girl names are - lara or hannha
boy names are logan or brandon did love dylan for a boy but called our latest kitty dylan!


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I have a notebook full of names, but I will not be having anymore. Perhaps, if my daughter changes her mind about having children, it'll be of use to her. My brother has "the gay"
, so he probably won't get much mileage out of it, either.

lol..I thought i was the only one that said"the gay"..I always tell one of my best guy friends that he has it..lol..
I too have notebook filled with names for my future children i'm probably not gonna have anytime soon! I already have 2 boys..I think I'm good for now..maybe in another 7 years I'll try for another.
it's a big joke in my family because my sons are 7 days and 7 years apart..lucky me the youngest was born in 06 instead of 07 because that would have been too weird. lol..My mom says in 7 years she expects me to tell her I'm preggo again on X-mas like I did with the 1st two..lmaooo.
"I'm pregnant pass the peas"-Molly Ringwald in FOR KEEPS is what i get compared too every X-mas..

BTW my sons names are:
Zaiah Alexander-8
Bryceon(said BRY-SIN) Dasani-2


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I always lurk around here. Even though I'm not a mommy or expecting

My Goddaughters name is Jazmyne Brooke.

And when I have kids I want

Alexis Brooke for a girl. (Brooke because me and my bff always said one part of our girls name would be the same.)

Benjamin Andrew. I love Ben for a name I don't know why but I like Ben. But I'd probably call my little one Benjamin.


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Originally Posted by NutMeg
I've always thought that was cute but I know a couple of families who've done it and wish they hadn't, for reasons like not being able to use initials on belongings or writing down appointments on calendars, and for forms and stuff.

my parents did this with the letter M, and the only reason i find it annoying is because before my mom says my name, she calls me 2 different names before. It gets confusing, i still have family members who don't know if im melissa or melanie? lmao


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^ Often my dad has to go through most of our names before he gets it right. None of our names are remotely similar, so I can't imagine how he would have coped with similar names.


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My daughters name is Penelope MorningStar....
I want 2 more girls and already got their names picked...
*Lily-Ann (pronounced Lillian) EveningStar
*Sadie Rain

~Can you tell were Native American? lol


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Girls: Alexandra, Arianne, Arya (yes, I like A names), Morgan, Emmeline,

Boys: Alexander (lol!), Sebastian, Drustan, uhhh, there are some others probably. I'm sort of drawing a blank (usually I can think up 20 I REALLY REALLY like).


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My two little girls are Rylee and Kayla.

As future babies go. . . I haven't gotten that far.


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My boys have "normal names":

Brandan Lee
Kevin Michael

My girls, however, have unusual names, and I picked them:

Maleena Jade
Camilla (pronounced Cameela) Sapphire
Nayelli (pronounced Nye-elli) Amethyst

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