What will/did you name your Children.


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I'm probably not gonna have kids but I always wanted to name a girl, Wilhelmenia Belle. I'd call her Willlie Belle which was the name of this old lady that used to ring me up at the Kroger in Stone Mountain, GA. Kinda random but I always thought it was the prettiest name.

I've always like the name Slias for a boy and his nickname would be "Skeeter". (can you tell I'm Southern?)

Dang, these are awesome names, maybe I can talk one of my friends into renaming their kids.


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I don't like kids, but if I ever pop a couple out I have the perfect girl names
Gisele : After me of course
Blaise: After me, again lol
Brinley, or Brinleigh:Loves it
Blair: I dunno
Victorie Jane: Like the sound of it

For some reason, my favourite female name Is Valentina....


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I don't expect kids for a while - but of course I have my names picked out!

Girl: Arelis-Leigh
Boy: Aditya


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^^ Madison used to be my favourite female name until 2 of my ex-boyfriends cheated on me, and they BOTH named their daughter Madison...smh


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Taylor James for a girl, yes i know very strange!
Iylah Michelle
Hadley Mackenzie
Ehdaline Chrisette

and for a boy, we are just going to make a Junior (Christian Jacob) after my fiance.

i dont have kids yet, but i can't wait.


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^^^ Awww, so cute!
I named my little monster Brennan Joseph...if he was a girl, it would've been Brenna Josephine (yeah...waaaay creative, right? LOL). Joseph was my Pop-Pop's name, so I wanted that in there...and I just liked the names Brenna/Brennan.


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Though I'm far from being ready to have children, I have tons of names that I love that I've kept in a list for stories or what-have-you. However, I did have a dream last night that I had a baby girl, but I was stressing out about what I would name it.

I -love- the name Harper for a girl (Harper Journey, Harper Alice, Harper Ruby . . . if I eve have a girl her name WILL be Harper!) as well as Daveigh, Journey (if that's not already in use as a middle name) and Tegan.

For boys, I love Avett, Dylan, Elliott, and Blake.


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My daughter is Laikyn Jordan...I never really wanted kids so I didnt have any picked out before hand. Then when i found out I was preggers I knew I wanted Jordan somehow boy or girl. My dad wanted to name me Lakin when I was born and I always liked it and it seemed so unique (now I hear it all the time) so I changed the spelling and used it!


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I hope to have kids in my late 20s/early 30s so I've got a few years to go but I've definitely been thinking about names since I was little

Girl: Sidney (or Sydney), Carol (my mother's and my middle name), Charlotte
Boy: Braden, Luke, or I've toyed with the idea of making a junior (Michael Vincent)



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Even since I was little I have wanted to name any future son that I may have Edward; but now I can't because of freaking Twilight. Everyone would think that I named my kid after a fictional vampire, when really I just like the name!


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^^ Same here, I always looooved the name Isabella,
it sounds so fairytale like to me, but now with Twilight ,,
maybe by the time I have kids the
whole Twilight thing will die down haha

I love the names
Natalie, Vanessa, Aubrey, Aundrea for a girl
For a boy Jeremiah, Cruz, Ryan


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I doubt i'll ever have kids but here are the names i like:

Girl: Khloe, Leilani, Jade, Peyton
Boy: Benicio, Aiden

I'm not good at picking boys names, I can never find any i like :-\


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Im far too young and broke to be thinking of children yet haha, but my favouries are:
Girls: Ilah, Jasmine, Issy/Isabella, Hollie, Grace, Katlin.
Boys: Ashley, Ben.
I think if i have a child with my current boy friend i would pick our little girls name and he would pick our little boys name. So our boy would possibly be called ''Something Lesley (after his dad) Paul (after my dad) Philbrick (his surname)


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