Will gay marriage lead to the downfall of society?


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My views on the subject matter are still the same i am surprised this thread is still open. I think it is wrong to judge people and anyone that suggests that a way a person decides to live their lives would lead to the down fall of society is the height of judgement and these so called Christians should know better


I'll only say this. It is ludicrous to suggest that society can and will be destroyed by love. Marriage is a means to celebrate that love (and get all the juicy legal rights that come with it.) Who am I to deny homosexual lovers the same rights as that of straight ones? The love is ultimately the same.

(er... presuming that said love is between consenting adults.


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A local newspaper columnist told his coworkers, "I had to get married! They (meaning homosexuals, understood in context) should have to too!"


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I didn't read the article. It's stupid. The downfall of the society are the people who write stuff like that.
I think it's already stupid debating about a such thing... Why shouldn't they get married? I'm already ashamed that my country doesn't allow gay marriage...
We are all equal people...
LOVE it's a natural thing, we all should celebrate it in on own way...


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i'm not gay and i find that accusation offensive.

the only people who think there's something wrong with gay marriage are ignorant

christian country my arse, how many people in america, or where i'm from england are actually christian. do they force all other christian beliefs upon people?! no? you dont force people to sing christmas carols and pray to god, so why should people be forced into not being allowed to get married, its a 'free' country so why not?

what's it going to do to you? offend you? i'm sorry but that's your problem, you dont have to agree with it, but u can tolerate it, cos no one has the right to take something so fundamental from anyone

and that's not to say all christians are like that, i have been brought up a christian, from a strict christian family but i have gay friends, and they don't 'offend me' and they have boyfriends/ girlfriends and i think they deserve to be allowed to get married just as much as me and my boyfriend do


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YouTube - Tomboy - It's OK to be gay

I want to do my makeup like the guy in pink so bad but haven't reached that level of skill. The one with green tracks, blah to the makeup. Great campy video though and that guy was a trooper at the 3:15 mark...swear that almost ended up my avatar pic.


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Originally Posted by JennieHere
How soon do people forget that America is also a Christian nation founded by Christian people on Christian fundamentals...hence the multiple scripture passages in our government buildings and the obvious "One Nation, under God" in our pledge and "In God We Trust" on our currency. Gay marriage goes against that 100%.

If you dont like the Christian principles this country is based on, your free to move to a different country also. We shouldnt have to change our laws for 1% of the population. (the amount who consider themselves "same-sex" couples)

Sure, we're a nation of tolerance...to a certain extent.

WTF. Religion and state should be separate at all times. This is a civil rights issue...Not a gay issue, A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE.


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Christianity was founded under christ's teachings. Real christianity without adding the old testament which any christian would know goes totally against his teachings says nothing against gay marriage. Jesus's teachings am not talking about the disciples but jesus' words has nothing against anything like gays. Infact jesus says don't judge. Why do christians constantly forget this? Also i find that gay marriage has nothing evil in it. It's two adults in love with each other who want to make a lasting commitment to one another under the law-if the church has a problem don't allow it to occur in church! The government should never be involved or use religion to deny rights. I'm not christian, i'm from a christian family but i'm always sad when i see good, honest hardworking people who have done nothing criminal being denied a basic right to be with whomever they love. I think everyone should save their strenght for something we can agree on go after real sex criminals like rapists and paedophiles.


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Just rolling in to say that I find the thought of blaming society's downfall on the GBLT community offensive to my sensibilities. The title of this thread made me grimace.

That is all, goodbye.

*rolling out*


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To the OP, I would agree that it seems you're starting a fight here. Fighting never got anyone and their POV heard, just made everything louder.

We live in a nation that has largely discarded God and the Bible. That makes me sad. I believe in both and do my best to serve God. Expecting people to believe these 'arguments' for a POV when they don't believe in the foundational biblical beliefs on which they are based is ignorant and a waste of time. You have no platform from which to even discuss it because they are two completely different worldviews.

I may not agree with the policy of gay marriage or the gay lifestyle, but arguing with people about it is useless and only builds a wall between those with different opinions. As a Christian, I am called to live in the world in which God has placed me and reflect the light of Christ to all those around me.

I'm pretty sure that this type of post is not an effective way to do that. I'm also pretty sure that this is not something Jesus himself would have addressed in this fashion. He went first to those who called themselves believers but were hypocritical. He called us to remove the plank from our own eye before we try to pluck out the speck in the other guys eye. I believe that when we've done this, we will see clearly how to love people and change our world through our own walk.

I would think that would start with loving those who weren't following God's Life Instruction Book without judging and arguing with them. We ought to be mature enough to disagree without starting a fight and while allowing God to do his work within the hearts of individual. He will do it.


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i think that everyone's entitled to their own opinion, sure, but in 50 years when gay marriage is in fact a reality (and you can argue till the sun goes down, it will be, as history has proven for every other controversial issue) people will look back at those who are just so bent up and out of shape about it as the ignorant ones, just like we now learn about who opressed women, who opressed immigrants, who opressed slaves. it's exactly the same in every way. so we can argue, but i sleep soundly knowing the gay community is only growing, and justice will come to them just has it has to groups before them. I just hope it's soon.

there was a time when someone would ask for proof of god he would be cast out by all society. i think we as humans have come too far, but i guess we dont all evolve.


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I've seen similar arguments done in the 50's and 60's when interracial marriages were illegal (and I've seen pictures of protesters with signs that read "Interracial Marriages=Communism") They were deemed to cause the eventual fall of society.

Whether or not some still think that this is the case does not matter; the same should be applied to same-sex marriage. People of no religious affiliation get married. People of differing religions get married. To say that a holy book trumps over civil rights I find shameful, for I too can find passages that are not followed and found abhorrent within our society.

I feel marriage should encompass all couples, regardless of gender, race and sexual orientation. Keep the religious denominations to choose who they will marry and who they will not: for example, a Catholic cannot remarry within the Catholic church, while some faiths will not allow you to marry unless you convert to the religion of your partner of that faith.


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I...um... I really hate to wake a sleeping giant, but I will say to Washington Voters four words:

Referendum-71 November 2009

That is all.
*runs away*


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seriously, WHO CARES if gay people get married!!! Its not like they're bugging you and tryin to hook up with you. Just leave them be. Times are changing, take it or leave it.. either way you have to get over it. They're not bugging anyone.


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Gay/bi people seem to get a bad rep for "hitting on everyone," and that's just not true for all of them. There are some who will either jokingly or seriously try to hit on anyone, but a majority of the ones I know have standards and preference, just like heterosexual folks.


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Homosexual marriage doesn't have anything to do with the downfall of society - divorce and religious people with nasty insides who think that going to church once a week makes them saints are the bigger threats.


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Originally Posted by shatteredshards
Homosexual marriage doesn't have anything to do with the downfall of society - divorce and religious people with nasty insides who think that going to church once a week makes them saints are the bigger threats.

I have to disagree. If some couples DIDN'T divorce it would lead to the downfall of society. Think about unhappy couples, abused spouses, etc.

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