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    Silica as Foundation Primer

    I just wanted to ask, because I read somewhere that silica should be used in moderation as make-up. Currently, I'm using Silica powder (from Pure Luxe) as my foundation primer. I think it's amazing because it really keeps the oiliness of my face in check, but I'm wondering if there may be any...
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    The secret to wearing red lipstick

    So I bought this Shu Uemura fire engine red lipstick on a whim because I found it looked gorgeous on the MA who was assisting me with my skincare purchase. But since then, I haven't the slightest idea how I was going to use this beautiful shade without looking overpowering... and to work, no...
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    I so want to go swimming again...

    I love going to the beach or just hanging out at the poolside at my boyfriend's condo. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing this much lately because it's raining like crazy everyday! Anyway, I just wanted to share some of these pictures, because these are probably the only ones I have where I'm...
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    Engaging Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo

    here's a small FOTD I did last Sunday using the Engaging MES from the MAC Antiquitease Color Collection. Out of all the MES, this is the one I love most and I'm having second thoughts of giving it away to my sister (she's asking for it). What I used: Face Smashbox Phot Finish Primer MUFE Mat...
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    I'm so pissed off, I'm literally in tears over this.

    What do you do when your man is acting like a serious dickwad? My boyfriend is getting into one of these "periods" again where he's picking a fight with me practically every day. Last Monday it was because I didn't tell him I was going home already (what the fuck is the point if I don't live...
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    Jeans buying help

    Hi everyone, I'm shopping on for some Citizens of Humanity jeans because I'm so sick of cheap jeans (not enough room for my ass, stiff denim, faulty buttons, etc etc) My problem: I don't think there's any jeans of this brand here in Singapore so I can't really just fit at...
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    Eye Primer for Mineral Eyeshadow

    I'd just like to know what eye primer you guys are using (if any) to make the mineral eyeshadows stick. I just recently received my Pure Luxe samples and the fallout was crazy even though I used UDPP, did my best to shake out excess powder, used patting motions to apply, etc. It was so bad I...
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    Earthly Riches and bright lips

    Last item I haven't tried from my Antiquitease haul: Earthly Riches. What I used: Face MUFE All Mat Shu Uemura Face Architect Cream Foundation Glissade MSF Eyes Antiquitease/Color Earthly Riches Mineralize Eyeshadow (outer third of lids, crease) MUFE Star Powder 953 (center of lids)...
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    Antiquitease Metallic Eyes FOTD

    I've had this for about a week and only got to try it out now. I love the smooth shimmer it gives. Royal Assets Metallic Eyes What I used: Face MUFE All Mat Shu Uemura Face Architect Cream Foundation Hullaballoo Highlight Powder Terra del Sol #7 Eyes Silver Fog (inner lid) Stately...
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    Face Architect Foundation

    Has anyone tried this yet? I bought one on impulse recently, and the quality is really nice, but I don't know how to use it so as to "sculpt" my face, which is the main purpose of the foundation anyway. If anyone's used it, please give some tips on how to maximize the features of this foundation.
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    When is giving too much during the holiday season? (long read)

    I don't know if there are other Filipino overseas workers on the board, but I am one, and this has been a pet peeve of my for the first two holiday seasons that I worked in Singapore, but not it is becoming full on hatred that I feel I cannot enjoy myself during the holiday season when I fly...
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    Antiquitease, Specktra & eBay Hauls

    Here's this week's makeup haul for me... I think I haven't stopped shopping since the holiday season started to creep in. Shu Uemura Face Architect cream foundation Antiquitease Metallic Eyes Palette Antiquitease/Color MES: Engaging, Earthly Riches, Family Silver Smashbox Photofinish Primer...
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    Mineral make-up recs

    I have never bought mineral make-up before (except MSFs). Now I want to try it out also after having looked through some mineral make-up sites. They have a great color range!:yes: Any recommendations? Brands and what items to get? TIA!
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    Question about MUA Swapping

    I'm really new to swapping because I don't really like parting with my make-up, especially new ones, but I tried it out on Make Up Alley for a few swaps. One of the things I swapped for was a Stereo Rose MSF, which the swapper gave in exchange for 3 brand new MAC brushes totaling to about $50+...
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    Coco Beach Dupe...

    It's getting a bit hard to find this pigment, so I'd like to know what e/s or other pigments can I get that would suitably replace Coco Beach. Thanks!