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    MAC recommendations based on stash please :)

    I've bought and swapped or sold away a lot of makeup before, and would now want to buy MAC wisely, so what are some of the things you think I would like based on these (admittedly very few) HGish items I've found so far? I would like some more variation without buying a lot of misses again...
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    Clarins Everlasting vs MUFE Mat Velvet?

    I have oily skin and I'm using Clarins Everlasting Foundation (with MAC Blot Powder) right now, and I'm wondering if MUFE Mat Velvet Foundation would be better. Has anyone used them both and what were your experiences? Thank you in advance Also the same goes for Lancome Effacernes...
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    Help with MAC Lipstick Collection (for an NW15-20 gal)

    I've been getting into lipsticks lately, and I'd like any recommendations on what to get - LE or not! I am NW15 in winter, NW20 in summer. My hair is ashy blonde which I brighten a little and my eyes are light grey blue. I don't like drying lippies or anything too bright/dark or too pale...
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    Lipglosses like the Cremesheen Glasses?

    These are my HG glosses, but since they're LE , I was wondering if there's anything like them out there? AKA non-sticky, non-glittery, sheer-ish or milky, conditioning... I especially like Boy Bait/Fashion Scoop/Partial to Pink colour-wise, but a light cool pink would be nice too. Any recs...
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    Becki Newton's gorgeous nude makeup recs!

    What could I use to get the same-ish results? I already have Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul which I'm very happy with and Bare Slimshine, but I'm looking for a pinky nude lipstick in a non-drying formula (so no mattes) that's a bit pinker than Bare and some shimmery light brown/taupe/dark gold...
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    Unusual ways you use your MAC

    I use my Powersurge eye kohl as a brow pencil. It's the most natural looking brow product I've ever had! Plus I put on my pencil eyeliner (Pearlglide in Molasses) with the 266 small angle brush! Makes for a more natural and muted, close to the lashes application.
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    Smoky brown eyes?

    Any recommendations for eyeshadows/palettes for the most gorgeous ever smoky brown eyes? I do love my MAC but any suggestions are appreciated thanks!!! For those you remember my "oh what blush will I get" post, I ended up getting Warm Soul! It is perfect, I love it!
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    Benefit Boi-ing or Erace Paste?

    I don't know which one to get just from the product descriptions. I mainly need a concealer for my BLUE dark circles but I'll use it to even out the skin on my slightly acne-scarred cheeks, too. I usually use MAC but I did not like MAC Studio Finish as I found it too hard and dry, and it creased...
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    I want MAC cheeks!

    I'm stuck. I'm going to London (and MAC, yay!) in ten days, and I've been able to narrow my choices down to these. I appreciate *any* feedback and suggestions on them! And feel free to recommend me any others you might think would be good! I don't like anything too dark (I'm NW15) or too frosty...
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    MSF Soft & Gentle or MB Warm Soul for NW15?

    I'm sick of pink blush, and I was wondering if MSF Soft & Gentle would be good for NW15 skin to bring a little color on them? Or is it too peachy? How about Warm Soul? Anyone have fotd photos wearing either of them? Any other suggestions? Before I would have bought MSF Petticoat or MB Gentle but...