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    What is a MAC resident trainer?

    My guess is that they train other MAC employees on how to use stuff from the upcoming collections? Just wondering if anyone has more information, I`m just curious.
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    Halloween FOTN: Dominatrix

    this is the only picture I have, and it doesn´t even show my makeup that well. But it´s THE darkest smoky eye I ever did, and I loved it so much. I´m usually too scared to go that dark, but I think I`ll do this eye makeup again sometime when I go out to a club. FACE: MAC Studio Sculpt Estee...
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    Megan Fox inspired makeup (bright pink lips)

    This was my inspiration pic: And that´s my look FACE: MAC Studio Sculpt foundation (NC30, which is a bit too dark for me) Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder NARS bronzer in Casino NARS blush in Orgasm MAC Iridescent Powder in Belightful...
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    bronze-y natural look

    This is what I did for work last night. I do promotion at various clubs, and I absolutely hate the outfit we have to wear (tomato red tube top, black tights. Ew! Tights don´t look good on me at all, and neither does tomato red) so I always try to make my makeup look nice at least. FACE MAC...
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    Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) inspired FOTD

    I am almost done watching the 2nd season of Gossip Girl, and I fell in love with Leighton Meester´s (alias Blair Waldorf) makeup, hair and style. I know her hair is usually down and wavy and her lips are never really this bright....but I`ll recreate it more in detail next time. FACE MAC Studio...
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    Dyed my hair reddish-brown FOTN

    This is actually like 3 weeks old, the reddish tone fades so fast OMG. If anyone has tips on haircare for dyed red hair, please let me know. I used the Schwarzkopf new 10min hairdye btw. And I realized that I don´t like bright colors with my reddish hair, or maybe I just have to try out more...
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    Which self tanner makes you the darkest?

    I have tried a couple of self tanners, right now I´m using the one by Mystic Tan and I like that it gives me a nice color and it´s buildable. But for special occasions I´d like one that makes me even darker I´m an NC 30, for reference Any recs?
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    From blonde to brunette. Just one pic sry

    Just one pic cause I have yet to upload all the pics from my recent San Diego & Vegas trip. Vegas rocks OMG!!! Before After I dont´really know those girls lol...Vegas nights make you forgetful
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    Youtube copycat look (from xxsgtigressxx)

    I loved her neutral cut crease tutorial and decided to give this look a try. Of course mine doesn´t look as nice and precise as hers...but I guess this takes practice, and it was my first try at doing a cut crease eye makeup Oh and of course I ended up being unhappy with my hair and earrings...
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    Good hair salon in the San Diego area?

    Hey everybody. I´ve decided to finally go through with it and go brunette. I´m visiting my fiance´s family in Chula Vista near San Diego, so I wanna find a great salon there. Any recommendations?
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    Know any blonde YouTubers with good makeup tutorials?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question, I wasn´t sure. Sooo you´ll probably ask yourself why I asked this question. I´m very unoriginal with my makeup (at least I think so), and if someone has a similar hair color, skin color, eye color etc it´ll be much easier for me to just copy...
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    Dr. Jameson in the ER please...Halloween Pics

    So since celebrating Halloween is still kinda new for us Austrians your typical "slutty" costumes aren´t overdone...yet. I went to a small-ish party, but sadly only 1/3 of the guests wore costumes. Blah! I got my costume in a shop for strippers on the Walk of Fame in L.A.! I thought that was...
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    Brighter eye makeup, with hopefully improved technique

    I know the pics don´t really show it too well, but I could tell a eyes seemed bigger. And all these years I thought bringing the darker colors up higher on the browbone would make my eyes smaller tadaaa, new and (hopefully) improved eye makeup! FACE Urban Decay Surreal Skin MMU...
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    Vibrant Purples FOTN

    I really liked this in person, but when I saw the pics I wasn´t happy with them. Do you guys think I should bring up the darker colors a bit more above my crease? Cause I always seem to stop right at the crease, so when my eyes are open the eye makeup never appears dark enough. I need some CC...