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    My All-Inclusive Make Up Depot

    So here's my make up collection. Storage, books, the whole nine yards. Enjoy!
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    A Purpley Goldish Thing

    So I tried something today that was a total first. I used gold and purple together. I kinda liked the way it turned out. Let me know what you think and thanks for looking Face: Bare Minerals Warm Deep Becca Fine Loose Finishing Powder MAC Lovecrush Blush MAC Studio Touch-Up Stick Correcter...
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    Bright Colors and Falsies!

    So this was like the funniest weekend ever. My little brother turned 21 and came to Vegas where I live (of course---there's no other other to do it). Then my best friend and her girlfriend came into town. And it was my other friend's birthday too. Here's the make up that I did for Friday...
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    Parrott Meet Hepcat, Hepcat Meet Parrott!

    So a few of my friends and I went to club on Thursday. These pics came out pretty crappy but I really liked the way the make up turned out. Here it is: Face: Bare Minerals Warm Deep MAC Natural MSF Deep Dark MAC Lovecrush Blush MAC Studio Finish Concealer Palette Deep Dark Brows: MAC Clear...
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    By Way of Jupiter

    Hey Specktrettes! I'm still getting used to the new camera but I have been practicing my make up and using the camera with it's gazillion settings. I went out on a date last night which was our third date in a row. It was nice! Anywho, this is the make up that I did for the evening...
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    Trial Make Up for My Work's Holiday Party Tomorrow....

    Okay, so we're having our holiday party for work tomorrow (I know, I know the holidays are over but we always have our party in January). So I wanted to do a trial run of my make up. Tell me what you think. Here it goes: Face: Bare Minerals Warm Deep MAC Natural MSF Deep Dark MAC MSF...
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    A Humid Day in Winter

    Hey Dudes and Dudettes! I got a new digital camera and I'm still trying to work with it. Here's the look I did for today. I'm working on figuring out the settings. Here's what I used: Face: Bare Minerals Warm Deep MAC Flirt and Tease blush MAC Brow Pencil Stud (Brows) MAC Clear Brow Wax...
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    Very Simple FOTD

    I want to get a new digital camera but in the meantime, I'm going to work with what I have!!! This was very simple....rushing to work as usual. Face: Bare Minerals Warm Deep MAC MSF Deep Dark Blush Flirt & Tease Brows: MAC Clear Brow Finisher MAC Stud Brow Pencil Eyes: MAC Blacktrack...
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    Just Broken Up...Is it time to move on?

    My partner and I of 2 1/2 years just broke up. I am not interested in another relationship because our's was intense and I want to be able to completely heal before moving on. Plus, I'm in school full time and I work full time so I would really need someone who understands my life. Here's the...
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    Roommates---HELP Fast

    I'm going to try to make this short and sweet. I live with my partner now of 2 1/2 years but we just broke up. I'm going to be moving out with two roommates (two co-workers--one is my actual friend too and the other I know). I've never had roommates before because I lived on my own before my...
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    182 Brush

    I'm having a dilemma. I purchased the 182 Buffer Brush about six months ago and it sheds like crazy....I'm mean super sheddage (I know that isn't a word). I have other brushes that I've had for yeeeeaaaarrrrssss and have never experienced this. So I e-mailed MAC and they said that they would...
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    My Bestfriend's wedding

    My partner and I went to Maryland because my BF got married last Monday. Maryland is super beautiful and I can't wait to finish nursing school so we can move to a more desirable location (we live in super hot Las Vegas now). Anyhow, we left last week. We spent Sunday in Maryland, we went to...
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    Makeup obstacles, challenges, and concerns of "women of color" (cont from BOC forum)

    Fortunately, when I started wearing makeup five years ago, there were two Black women at the counter that I frequented. They were super helpful in providing me with the tools to find good matches. I know what tones, colors, and tools I need to make my make up work. As far as a current...
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    Love couture shoes but can't afford them?

    I work at an online retailer and a customer called last week to do a price match. The website that she referenced was I logged on of course because I have to verify the price that she said she saw the merchandise for. To my freaking amazement, this website has couture items...
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    Returns/Exchanges at MAC

    I was wondering what happenes to returns/exchanges at MAC. They do not re-sale them do they? But if they don't, it's a huge waste of money.