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    General Chanel Chat

    I did and I never regreted it! I was debating of getting it too but the amount is really big and it smells more delicate and softer than no 5 ! I am not a fan of the original no 5 but since we both love eau premiere and the L'Eau , I'm sure you are going to adore this!
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    Guerlain discussion

    And more meteorites heaven !!! I want it all!
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    Guerlain discussion

    According to this pic it is True!!!!
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    Guerlain discussion

    Guerlain definitely knows how to create breathtaking Holiday Collections!
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    Nars General Chat

    I see 3 (?) different shades of liquid blushes ? Or it's the lighting that makes Orgasm look different ? Or it might be more in this pic just like Monsy mentioned before.
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    Guerlain discussion

    !!! OMG !!! What is this? Could it be old ? Could it be new ? If so Goes directly to the untouchable!
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    Chanel Cruise Collection 2017

    Terra Rossa Stylo Yeux Swatches
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    Chanel Cruise Collection 2017

    According to this pic and if they production photos are accurate i am interested in Terra Rossa Stylo yeux
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    Estee Lauder

    The re-release of Heatwave is part of the new Bronze Goddess Collection which hopefully will be available here in Sweden too!!
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    Chanel Fragrances

    New exclusif!! Huile de Jasmin! Count me in for this!
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    Chanel Spring 2017 Energies et Puretes de Chanel

    So beautiful!!!
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    Dior Cosmetics Discussion

    Not really ! The reformulated is very close I think according to this pic
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    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    In the pan NARS Sin vs TF Gratuitous and TF Disclosure vs TF Wicked
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    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Just got my order from Selfridges ! First is 07 Gratuitous Second is 08 Disclosure then we have first set of swatches Gratuitous in the left and Disclosure on the last pic I added Elegance JC on the right because I was so excited that I got it. Far left are both Gratuitous and...
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    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Tom Ford Spring 17 Seasonal Collection!