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    Wintery, Soft Smoky FOTD

    Hi everyone, haven't been around in a while, moved flat and then fell out of love with beauty for a little bit (I know, I was shcoked too!!), but am back now I did this FOTD today as I'm looking forward to the autumn/winter makeup looks... I've kept it quite light though. I really...
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    Going to the chapel and we're going to get MARRRRIIEDD Face of the Day...

    Sadly, I'm not the one getting married (my semi sister-in-law is ). She's asked me to do the makeup at her wedding, so I'm coming up with a few different looks for her. This is the first of (what'll probably be) many! I'm using pinks and browns in this one, wanted a traditional english rose...
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    Mod Rock Fotd

    I'm having fun with the rock chick look I did a tut on a more polish rock chick style yesterday, but today I went for MOD style/60s-eque makeup. Let me know what you think! Hope you like it... (sorry there's only one pic today-the others came out realllllly badly ) Used: Eyes: MAC...
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    Tutorial for a "Rock Chick" look [link]

    So, on another forum I belong to, we were set the challenge of coming up with a Rock Chick look Here's my version of it: Rock Chick Tut It's meant to look not very polished-my idea of rock chick is smudgy, dark and a little unfinished Hope you like xx
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    My attempt at Eve's C-Shock Blue look [link]

    So I don't actually own *any* of the products used in Eve's infamous C-Shock look, but I did my best with what I had available Personally, this is one of my favourite looks on just felt right. Anyway, hope you like it! My 'Eve' look Thanks for looking girls! xx
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    <3 All you need is LOVE <3 Romantic FOTD

    I was inspired by the romantic colours in NARS' fall collection to do a romantic FOTD. I think this is quite a versatile look-would be soft enough for work, yet could also be worn when going out somewhere. Let me know what you think, and, as always, thanks for looking! Used: Face...
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    ***Inky/Flashtrack Eyes FOTD ***

    Hello girls! So, I did this FOTD today, after trying it out a couple of days ago, and the pictures being too yellow. Now, the light's fine, it's just that my lovely Flashtrack eyeshadow and Inky Liquidlast liner look purple Ohhh well... Used: Eyes: MAC Flashtrack on lid and into...
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    Peaches and Cream tutorial... [link]

    I'm so fed up of the rain in the UK, so I decided to create a summery look to cheer myself up and remind me that it is indeed June out there, and *not* October Anyway, hope you enjoy it girls: Peachy Keen Thanks for looking! xx
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    **My MAC MSF Shimpagne FOTD**

    I finally, finally got my Shimpagne in the post today -hooray!! I am in love with it already, and decided to do a celebratory FOTD Sorry for my expression in this one, I look a bit vacant and unamused Used: Face: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Shimpagne. I used a medium large face...
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    *****Midsummer Night's Dream Inspired FOTD****

    I wanted to use Honey Lust and Greensmoke together, after one of the readers on my blog recommended the combo! So, I did that today-and wow, I'm so pleased I did. My favourite look so far I think! I thought it looked very 'fairy-tale like', and very woodland like... Hope you like it! C/C...
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    My 'Golden Eye' FOTD

    I've recently acquired Honey Lust, and have fallen in love with it! I wanted to wear it to work today so I came up with this look, which I think is nice and light for summer. Used: Eyes: MAC Shroom over lid MAC Honey Lust in crease and blended into Shroom Diorshow Unlimited...
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    **~* My new hair FOTD*~**

    I've dyed my hair auburn, and I'm pretty pleased with it, I must say... I thought it was going to come out purple when I put it on my head-eeek! Anyway, I've bought some great new make up recently, so decided to try it out. So, here we go: Eyes: GOSH Velvet Touch Liner in Cool...
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    *****Another theatrical FOTD ****

    I loved doing my 'faux' Starlight Make Up the other night, so I decided to give it another go, this time taking another character as inspiration. I'm quite happy with how my eyes turned out actually-bar a few wonky bits-they look quite good I think. And I can't believe how much this look made...
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    ***Starlight Express/Theatrical FOTD!! ***

    I was feeling super creative this evening, and wanted to come up with a look based on one of the characters from Starlight Express. I chose to do Pearl's make up-or something like it Comments welcome, as always....please be gentle, it's my first attempt! Eyes: MAC Eyeshadow in...
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    Working 9-5 What A way to make a living!! Pretty Office friendly Make up Tut [LINK]

    I was requested to create a look that could be worn to work that was pretty but looked professional (as in professional at work, not done by a professional artist ). Annnnnyway, here it is: Office Friendly Make Up I really hope you like it/find it useful! Jen xx