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    Using your middle name instead of first/last name?

    Just wondering if there are any makeup artists out there who do this? I was thinking of using my middle name in place of my last name, as it has more of a ring to it & is more gender specific. But does this cause complications when it comes to clients writing cheques, etc..? Any advice would be...
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    Question for those in Victoria, BC? (MUFE)

    Is there anywhere in Victoria, BC that still sells Make Up For Ever? Any Shoppers Drug Mart locations? The Bay? Sears? Or is Vancouver the only option? Thanks in advance!
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    Kelsey's Freelancing Kit :)

    Hey everyone! I haven't been very active on Specktra for a looong time now.. So I thought I'd come back with some pics of my Freelance Kit! I splurged & got the MAC Zuca bag a few months ago. So far it's working for me, but I can definitely see myself outgrowing it, as I still have LOTS to buy...
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    woo.. finally had 2 days off in a row so here's another FOTD for you guys! pretty similar to my other FOTD.. but with blues this time! i could seriously use gesso with everything. love love love it! face: smashbox photofinish primer revlon colorstay 180 sand beige medium loose blot powder...
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    ~LONG time no see!~ (Pink&White)

    helloo my lovely ladies. it's been FOREVER since i've posted a FOTD.. not since summer! but i'm back! i got my F&F haul in the mail yesterday & had to play around with it. the 109 brush is my new love! it's so versatile! i used it for my foundation, powder & blush in this FOTD. OH! & i cut my...
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    Tips For Creating Video Tutorials

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread that answers how those who have video tutorials go about creating them. Sort of a Q&A type of thing. For example, What camera do you use? (Webcam, Digital, DSLR, Camcorder - what model?) What settings do you find work best? (FPS, ISO, etc.) What...
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    my new vanity!

    so after seeing what Julia & a few other members did with their MALM dressing tables, i HAD to get one. i'm still waiting for another trip to IKEA to pick up some new lamps & a new mirror. i'm also not too crazy about my brush holders - they're a little on the small side.. but it works for now...
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    cult of cherry haul (lips!)

    so i stopped by my counter today to check out CoC & i ended up stocking up on lip stuff! it's all so pretty! i think i'm going to pick up a spiced chocolate quad later this week.. kirsch mattene, myth l/s, so scarlet l/s, cult of cherry l/g, cherry blossom l/g, spice l/l
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    ~Smokey&Matte~ (+new hair!)

    helloo again. 2 looks today! the 2nd one is my new hair. my friend is in hair school right now, so lately i've been her guinea pig! we coloured it a chocolate brown, but it went a little too dark for my liking.. so hopefully it fades out a bit! let me know what you think! (the blonde things are...
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    3 Looks! (MAC interview!!!)

    long time no post!! i had an interview with MAC yesterday for p/t makeup artist & i'll know by thursday if i got it or not!! *crosses fingers* i haven't figured out the settings for my canon just yet, so the e/s looks a bit washed out & muddy in some of the pics. LOOK 1: eyes: beige-ing s/s...
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    submitting a resume to a non-existant counter?

    so i just got news that my city is FINALLY getting a counter at The Bay. they are advertising that they are hiring, but i'm completely clueless on where to submit my resume? somewhere in the current cosmetics dept? customer service? i don't want it ending up in the wrong person's hands &...
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    ~BombShell!!~ (& i'm not talking about the l/s!)

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    ~springtime forest~ (smokey green)

    i know, i'm cheesy & my shirt is in the same colour family as my e/s. i didn't do it on purpose!! I PROMISE!! (& i apologize for the shabby lashes.. my fluidline is getting old & starting to dry out so you can totally still see the lash base!) face: smashbox photofinish primer...
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    how long does it take you..

    to get ready for work in the AM? i'm currently working in a cosmetics department & i find it really tough to find time to do full-face every single morning. (add in the time it takes to have decent looking hair & i'm hooped!) i'm borderline anemic (realllyyy low iron. i always feel fatigued), so...