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    Biggest haul in 6 months...

    Well I caved & had to have a few things from Barbie. It was just too cute to pass up. Here's the list: Don't Be Shy blush Fab blush Magic Dust e/s Mothbrown e/s Real Doll l/s Pearl Sunshine b/p and I finally located the Tiger, Tiger lippie from Icon4 So all in all I'm a happy cat.
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    Specktra the devil?!

    So I went to the MAC freestanding store here in town on Friday. I took my list, and I had been saving and selling on ebay so I could afford a pretty significant haul...*cough* over $200 *cough* One of the male MAs sees the notebook and the stash that was piling up on the counter and says "wow...
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    May Challenge #2: Precious Metals...Show us your bling!

    Our #2 May Challenge is Precious Metals! Show us your 24 karat faces in shades of gold, platinum, copper, get the idea! You could even use them all for some heavy metal.... (I had to do it lol!) Now bring the bling! 8)
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    MAY Challenge #1: Lovely Lips!!

    Hello ladies and gents...This month's first challenge is all about the lips! Show us your best smile and practice your techniques for the perfect pout! Feel free to be creative! It doesn't have to be just the standard LOTD pic, get theatrical if you want to! If you have some great application...
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    Easter Egg Hunt!

    Last weekend my kids had an Easter egg hunt at my Mom's after church so I thought I'd post a few of the pics for the heck of it. Here's my 5 year old counting all of his loot... and here's my 2 year old trying to figure out what is going on... Not sure why he is hiding two of his eggs...
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    Obi-Wan Kenoah (yes, that's marker on his face)

    My 5 year old son is a Star Wars lover, and he recently got a Playstation Star Wars Lego game that has Obi-Wan Kenobi portrayed as a lego minifigure. That in itself is funny, especially because when you hit one with a light saber, the person breaks up into lego pieces...So he decided he wanted...
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    Reptilia...Strokes concert FOTN

    This is the loudest color I'm ever likely to wear, so I had to document it. It's toned down ALOT because it's not my usual style, and this color is a total departure for me in general. Anyway... So about the concert...there was a girl of queenly proportions sitting in front of me with a...
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    MAC blush recs please

    I only have a few but I am realizing how much I love them! I only have Variety, Dollymix, Orchid Sheen/Roseland Duo, Sunbasque, and Primpin'/Golden Kitty. So which ones do you guys think are the must-haves? I'm also looking for a brown-ish matte blush to wear under some of my skinfinishes...
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    What other forums do you post on?

    I don't have many, but I thought it would be interesting to see what other forums you guys like. Mine are mostly really geeky, but what can I say? So mine are MUA, the LJ MAC Community, LUSH International, Xanga, used to post every now & then on Mugglenet chat before it closed down & sometimes...
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    Oh Boy! Fun Family Photos! :D

    I made the boys sit for some pictures after church this past Sunday...seemed like a good idea since we were already dressed up right? Hmm. Judging from DH's expression here he is less than thrilled. But I like that scowl... This one was taken by my 5 year old. He did pretty well...
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    Iris Print. Wanted a clever title but I got nothin'.

    So here it is. Been a couple of weeks since I got off my dead a$$ & posted one so I thought I'd go ahead & do it. Excuse my gawd awful hair in the first pic. I had it pulled up all day.... Fuzzy, I know, but at least I fixed my hair for this pic.... I used Iris Print on the lid & as...
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    March Challenge#1: Just in Time for the Oscars! Re-Create Your Favorite Celeb Looks!

    With the Oscars just around the corner, I thought this was the perfect time for us to try our hands at re-creating some of our favorite celeb looks! Got a great Gwen Stefani look? Got a sexy Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce look? Or a classy Gwyneth Paltrow look? I want to see them! So c'mon ladies...
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    Luella at Target

    I just bought the cutest Luella Bartley t-shirt from Target if you can believe such a thing! She is doing a line for them this spring & there are some nice pieces for great prices! Here's the link if you guys want to check it out Has anyone else bought anything at their...
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    Any Supergrass Fans?

    I just saw them for the fourth time last night! They finally came to Nashville & DH took me for my birthday It was awesome as usual. I love that they are as good live as on their records. I was practically laying on the stage so I could see lol! I'm only 5'0" so I never get
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    PSA Culturebloom stuff on!

    Just noticed the products are going up! It's not on the main page, but if you click on the lustreglasses or eye shadows or what have you, the individual products are listed for purchase. I'm off to go shopping!