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    Recent MAC Duochrome Eyeshadows?

    I'd love to know the most recent duochromes released by mac, if there have been any. (colors that have 2 sheens to them- like club, tilt, blue brown, etc.) thanks!
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    Rec's needed for favorite beauty of color products

    My friend has asked me to do her makeup and take some photographs of her. She is black, I have no idea what shade foundation but she's very dark in the color spectrum. She doesn't have a perfectly even skintone. I have asked her to bring her own foundation, but she wants me to do the rest of...
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    Recent stuff.

    nails i've done recently: my purple hair at the beginning of April: My daughter's ballet and tap recital pictures: A couple of photoshop works from me too: My daughter's 8th birthday- a tutu I sewed and her cake (i didn't make the cake, just the picture...i'm a terrible cook!)
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    Purple Freckles

    This is my first fotd in a long time! I came here for some inspiration and of course got some. I can't wait to visit m.a.c. again, i haven't been in awhile, but the fever is coming back. The first time I go out into the sun in the summer i get freckles, but they go away pretty fast. I...
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    coastal scents...

    I recently bought the ultra shimmer palette with 88 colors. I'm pretty pleased because they are inexpensive and make a rainbow of colors. I also want the 88 neutral palette so I can practice my neutral skills. Has anyone else tried out this brand?
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    I don't know where to begin...

    I am buying the same amount of m.a.c. as I used to and was surprised to see alot of different products on their website. I could go to a counter, but i'm always distracted. What new products are good? what are your rec's in general. I'm about an nc20-25 if you have a specific item in mind...
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    Photoshop Glamour Tutorial in about 8 steps!

    Hey guys and gals! I thought i'd write out a little tutorial on some techniques in photoshop to use.. I'm going to show you in a few steps how to turn a regular face shot photo into a Glamour One. The outcome is a little fake, but it's only for certain beauty shots. You probably would not...
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    Revlon Colorstay Clear Lipliner

    I bought this because i was having trouble finding a good matching red lipliner. This stuff is great! I used it with red lipstick and just filled in my whole lip area. My lipstick did not budge! and red usually looks messy on my lips for some reason. I'm a big fan, it rolls up but has a...
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    It made me cry.

    I was halfway paying attention to the t.v. and I heard a little girl say my mommy is dead. So i looked over and it's the t.v. show Cops. This little girl was with her dad or someone who was in trouble and the girl was only 8 or 9 and the cop was treating her like crap. I couldn't believe they...
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    Where do we go from here?

    I used Vex for the first time in a very long time. It's such an odd color. And once again, the look took a path of it's own. They are never how i expect them to be! What I used: eyes: Gracious Me s/s, Hush ccb, Paradisco e/s, Vex e/s, Nighttrain e/s, Viz-a-violet pigment, Freshwater e/s...
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    Rainbowed lips

    I did this yesterday. I used a little photoshop to help me out. products used: revlon colorstay reverse lipliner, mac sea me shadestick, Mangomix shadestick, mac chartru paint, luna ccb, fix + mixed with ben nye cosmic blue, peacock...
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    2 FOTD's From the Past Few Days

    What i've been doing in my not so spare time recently. I haven't done alot of makeup like in the past :/ Products used: eyes: mac pixel paint, mac ccb luna, ben nye chartreuse, ben nye sun yellow, mac too dolly eyeshadow, ben nye royal purple, romping eyeshadow, ben nye cherry red lumiere...
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    Calling all NC25's

    What are your favorite items from mac that flatter you the most if you are an nc25. They can be le or permanent. I am going to my mac counter this weekend and most often they are busy so I don't get alot of one on one time. I look good in tawny colors, but i've found my purchases lately...
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    Product Personalization Shop Sites?

    I was bored last night and found my brother in law was selling some of his photography on a site. It was kind of like cafe press. I looked into cafe press and was all ready to sell a few things to try and make a weetle bit of money but i nixed the idea after i found out their product...
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    Top Drugstore Picks for a Full "look" fast

    Quick. You left your dear makeup pouch at home and you didn't expect to go somewhere special, what would you choose from the drugstore to make yourself look great fast.