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    Oil controlling products made WITHOUT silicone/dimethicone?

    My skin is very oily/acne prone/sensitive, and recently found out my skin can't handle silicone based primers/foundations which really help control my oily skin. I've had to stop using my favorite moisturizer, which is the clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel which really helped my...
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    Night time moisturizer for oily/combination skin?

    My dermatologist told me to start using the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion about a year ago and I was happy with it. But recently, I've woken up and my face feels so oily and just gross. I tried to use my clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel at night, but my skin felt dry in the...
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    deep Conditioner recs for Curly hair?

    I've been looking for a deep conditioner/ treatment for awhile now. I have curly hair with frizz but I use other products for the frizz. The deep conditioner/treatments i've tried seem to weigh down my curls or make it dry. Any personal favs? I've heard good reviews on the Joico kpak...
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    Body lotion recs for someone who isn't a fan?

    I would love to use body lotion but I just haven't had a good experience. I don't mind putting it on but the ones I've tried make me feel sticky and oily. I've tried super liquidy lotions to super thick, just haven't found one yet. Maybe I just haven't tried a good one? Should I stay away from...
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    New way to store makeup at school?

    Hai there! So I finished my first year of college living out of my two traincases at school(I brought all of my makeup to school since my house is 1.5 hours away and an hour boat ride) What would be another good way to store it besides traincases since it was sorta annoying and a pain if i was...
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    Peter Thomas Roth?

    Hey Guys, Long time no see! I've been reading reviews for Peter Thomas for awhile, and just wondering if you guys use any of his products? I've been on a constant battle with acne and I've heard good things about the Max Complexion Correction Pads Tried them? Thanks!
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    Going off to college!

    So I'm going off to college and I'm beyond nervous. I'm going to major in early education with a minor in photography. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or any helpful information about college. I was also wondering if how am I gonna bring my makeup?! where to store it?! traincase?! so...
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    New Urban Decay Products for fall 09.

    EyeLash Primer Potion Three new shades! Deluxe Eyeshadow Ink For Eyes Lip Prime Potion Complexion Primer Potion- Brightening Complexion Primer Potion- Pore Perfecting Surreal Skin Cream To Powder Foundation !Two new shades! 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil Three new shades! Lipstick
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    131 brush on Mac's Website!

    Don't know if this was posted or not. 131 duo fibre powder/blush brush
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    New Too Faced Items! Face primer!

    Click the words for the URL to sephora! Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer $30 Metal Eyed Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection
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    New Too Faced Items!

    I'm back again and I have some goodies for you! Mermaid's Treasure Beauty Collection ($73 Value) This set contains: - Sun Bunny Bronzer - Lip Bronzer (Sun Bunny) - Mini Lash Injection (Black) - Flatbuki Brush Lip Bronzer A golden-based lip gloss that bestows a sunkissed glow. Pure...
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    Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss (summer 09)

    New for Summer of 2009: Urban decay is set to Launch "pocket rocket" lipgloss which includes an holographic image of guy that appears dressed or undressed (don't be dirty! Undressed but with his underwear firmly in place). Each gloss has a different guy, each guy has his own 'persona'. Turns out...
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    Sephora's Professionnel Platinum Air Brush #55

    This must be Sephora's answer to mac's 109. I might get this brush even if its $2 more then the 109. I like synthetic hairs for foundation. Anyone tried it? Wants it? hates it?! Tellll me! Link to brush
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    What is Love?

    Cutest video ever! this is Betty Crocker's Valentines day video!: YouTube - What is Love? I'm sooo gonna dress my kids as baked good for Halloween!
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    Adele's Makeup

    I love Adele. She is so amazing! I've always loved her makeup so I would love some recs (i'm an nw15, black hair and hazel eyes!) Pictures of three looks that I love: