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    I forgot how much I love these e/s!

    hey everyone! here is a look i did today inspired by P0wp0wbaby on youtube.. love her videos! i haven't touched these brighter colors in forever! btw, my fetus is wreaking a havoc on my face & loving it. the goods: Mineralize Satinfinish foundation MSF Natural Fix+ Tippy BPB...
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    Another knocked up MAC addict..

    We just found out i'm pregnant.. about 5 weeks and 3 days. I'm still getting used to the idea, while my husband is beyond thrilled. It still doesn't feel that real to me yet, I think i'll feel better about it after my first appointment on March 3. So far i've been trying to change my...
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    attack of the zombie! *zombie sound*

    Today my husband's first class association is having a haunted house and he's gonna be a zombie! so i decided to practice on myself.. it was realllyyyyy fun! Used: -Liquid latex -Toilet paper -Ben Nye cream makeup (ivory, black, white mixed) -Ben Nye bruise wheel -Ben Nye stage blood
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    remember heatherette? i do!

    sooo i was digging around in my traincase and decided to use my very neglected heatherette trio! i forgot how pretty it is! sorry for the bad, fuzzy quality--the pics were taken with my phone. oh well.. i had fun putting this look together. btw, i really need my brows waxed ASAP...
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    daytime smoke with club

    i haven't posted an FOTD in a while! here's a look i did today.. it's a neutral smokey eye that's great for the daytime. i don't know why i make that weird fish lip face in my pics lol. Face: Studio Stick NC35 Pressed Powder NC35 Eversun bpb Eyes: UDPP Kid, lid...
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    MUA swapper disappeared :(

    sooo i arranged a swap with someone on MUA yesterday.. checked her feedback, 98% were positive.. sent her stuff today.. a lipglass AND lipstick.. tried to email her today to say that i sent the stuff and HER PROFILE IS GONE! i want to cry i know there's nothing i can do but this really...
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    just like abe lincoln

    as always, pics do it no justice.. i really liked this look,'s much more orangey and bronze than the pic shows. anyway, on with the face! FACE: --Select SPF15 --Pressed Powder --Peachykeen EYES: --UDPP --Cash Flow p/p --Goldmine --Soft Brown --Coppering --Carbon --Vanilla to...
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    Shore Leave in HI

    hello specktralites! i thought i'd give my naughty nauticals stuff some love..they've been sooo neglected with the excitement of the newer and upcoming collections. i also checked out my mac counter to get a different foundation opinion (vs the freestanding store) and got matched with a new...
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    i'm using Select SPF15 in NW25 and it ends up looking a little ashy/light until i wear it for a few hours and it settles (or maybe just wears away..i dunno lol). i'm thinking it could be a number of things.. i'm outdoors a lot so maybe i just need to go NW30 to be consistent with my tan...
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    software to make programs?

    i need to make memorial programs formatted like a regular 8x11'' sheet folded in half (printing on both front and back). any suggestions? there are sooo many publishing programs, i thought i'd see if anyone here had a recommendation. thanks
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    heatherette love!

    i really like how this turned out.. it was inspired by another member's FOTD the other day. it's soft & noticable, but not too crazy! hope yall like i used (all MAC unless noted): FACE: --Select SPF15 NW25 --Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium --Pink Swoon & a dab of Sunbasque <3 EYES...
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    Neutral but girly :)

    my camera sucks! this is much prettier in person.. it's really neutral but still kinda girly. comments/cc welcome! i used (all MAC unless otherwise noted): FACE: --Select SPF15 --Mineralize Skinfinish Natural --Peachykeen --Fix+ EYES: --UDPP --Motif --Soft Brown --Saddle --Romp...
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    i <3 my sailor!

    just a NN look i threw together this morning.. it came out MUCH MORE frosty and purple than i thought it would. comments/cc welcome FACE: --Select SPF15 liquid --Sunbasque EYES: --UDPP --Shore Leave (lid) --Illegal Cargo (crease) --Meet The Fleet (outer crease/v, lower lash) --Stila...
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    MAC, prom & my husband.

    MAC was a madhouse today! i totally forgot that it's prom time for all the high schools, so fridays and saturdays make for worthless trips to MAC. i walked into the store & there were about 5 girls getting their makeup done (side note: why do all high school girls do the same prom hairdo...
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    custom quad help [browns/golds/neutrals]

    hey chicas! i want to make a quad for a brown/soft gold/neutral/smokey brown look. something that can be worn everyday, but if need be i can glam it up for a night out. presently, when i'm lazy & want a neutral look, i use rice paper or kid (lid & highlight), soft brown crease) embark...