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Audrey C

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Apparently Sephora will be mailing out flyers for $20 off a $50 purchase sometime in early December.
Excellent. I think I may just back up Day Dream; I actually seem to get through NARS blush and this one is sublime. It'll feel less indulgent if it's subsidized.


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Apparently Sephora will be mailing out flyers for $20 off a $50 purchase sometime in early December.
I do NOT need to be spending even more money on makeup, after the damage I did at the VIB sale....


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Speaking of Fragrance I was just having a conversation with a friend that my favorite current scent from Sephora is actually a Men's cologne. I LOVE Spicebomb! I wish I could get a rollerball of it. lol


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Annnnd cue skipper's remorse. I can't get my mind off the Too Faced palette I was thinking about getting during the VIB sale! I didn't get it because I really don't need any more palettes, but it's so damn cute. It's still available, but obviously the sale is over now. I could wait until that $20 off coupon, but what if it sells out by then???


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Picked up my VIB rouge kit (Red lipstick, makeover card) and checked for the hourglass light palette. Called three other stores. No go. 2 told me they are putting in new stock tonight and I could phone again in the AM. It is a long shot but I may call nonetheless.


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Sephora has the 'mystery bag' 500 point bonus back up. This time I was smart enough to copy it out:

Redeem your points now for an exclusive secret set: Must-Have Mystery Bag. Limited quantities are available, so once this product is gone, it's gone.

Reward yourself with a stash of beauty must-haves, including two exclusive mascaras that add length and extreme volume, a bestselling cream that firms, hydrates, and brightens the appearance of all skin types, and a silky primer that mattifies on contact. Plus, receive two mystery rewards from our favorite brands including Dolce&Gabbana, Fresh, Phyto, or Gucci.

- Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash in Black (0.10 oz)
- Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black (0.14 oz)
- Ole Henriksen Truth Crème Advanced Hydration (0.25 oz)
- Sephora Collection Anti-Shine Foundation Primer (0.27 oz)
- Two Mystery rewards from Dolce&Gabbana, Fresh, Phyto, or Gucci

Edit: My theory is that the mystery rewards are going to be perfume. If anybody gets it do let us know.


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I really wish Sephora would bring back Bourjois. :sigh:
I know Ulta used to carry it until about two or three years ago, but when did Sephora have Bourjois? *is confused*
Yes! I love love love that brand. They have terrific lipsticks, eye liners and nail polishes. Now I have to rely on eBay to get anything from Bourjois. carries Bourjois. :D
Only a select amount of products, unfortunately. :(


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At the last minute before the VIB sale ended I was able to grab the 500 Stila Perk. Seems like a pretty good one with a full size smudge pencil and large deluxe gloss, blush and shadow. I try to save my points to take advantage of the perks that appear to be better deals to me with full size items inside.

Will take a pic when it arrives if anyone is on the fence about it.


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Last year (and probably in years before) Sephora offered a one-time use gift card to VIBs for $20 off a minimum $50 purchase. It ran from Nov 29-Dec 11.
Thank you! This is my first year as VIB so I'm new to this. Ha ha! Thanks for the heads up, I think I already know what I am going to get.


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"at this time we don't have plans to restock this popular item but recommend you check with your local store. Our apologies!"

Sephora just said this regarding the Laura Mercier Palette

Idk if that's news to anyone else, but I'm so sad! I bought one as a gift and now I'm debating keeping it....but I don't know. Ugh.