Carlsbad, CA CCO (Carlsbad Premium Outlets)


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I was just there yesterday - They also had -
Your Ladyship pigment
2 Eye palettes - Holiday 07 - I am guessing cool and smokey
Softsparkle eye pencils set - Holiday 07
3 Lip bag sets Holiday 07
2 Sizes of the white flat topped brush (sorry dont remember #)


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I went there this past weekend and they had new shipment!

FAFI everything!
183 and 185 brushes
Holiday 07 brush sets and palettes and lippies, softsparkle pencil sets etc.
Off The Radar, Steel Blue, Gold Mode, Aire-De Blu, Pink Glitter, and more!
Shadows were the same as before.
Shadesticks in Mango Mix, Crimsonaire, and Fresh Cement
Most of the skincare line in OLD PACKAGING
Darker shades of foundation, concealer etc.
Liquid last liner in molten sol etc.
Brow sets
More lipglasses and lippies. Oh they had the See Thru lip stain thats in the Ungaro collection.


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hi guys i went tonight and here's what i remember...

- all three charged waters
- shave stuff
- a bunch of other stuff

- naked to the core
- inner hue
- 4 n
- strawbaby
- not so innocent
- fresh brew
- hug me

- a whole truckload'
- pink lemonade

- tea time
- reflects very pink
- the green one from the nordstroms exclusive
- bell bottom blue
- quick frost??
- viz a violet

other stuff:
- 2 of the petit gloss things
- some eyebrow shaders
- some foundation
- light flush msf
- like 6 different brush sets
- the cash yes nailpolish

sorry. i know i forgot a lot but it's late and that's al i remember.


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does anyone know if they still have the 185 brush? i want it sooo bad! if so would anyone be willing to cp it to me??


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Originally Posted by goodfairygurl17
Im going today so i will let everyone know what they have!!


hii so what did you see? =)


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I went over there during Black Friday and here is what I remember...

Skincare: (old packaging)
Charged Waters
Shave Gels & Cream
Fix +
Moisture Control Lotion
Green Gel Cleanser
Creme Wash
Oil Control Lotion
Fast Response Eye Cream
Strobe Cream
Microfine Refinisher
and a whole lot of other stuff lol

Face: (mostly NC37 & darker)
Studio Sticks
Select Cover Up
Studio Finish
Studio Finish Concealer
Studio Mist
Beauty Powder Blush - Serenely & Feeling
Fafi Belightful
Cream Blushes - Posey & Sweet William
Heatherette Smooth Harmony

Brushes: (mostly Holiday 2007)
Antiquitease Face & Eye sets
Color Forum brush sets
and other d/c brushes for eyes and lips

Dual Side Eye Pencils and other color eye kohls
Shadesticks - Pink Couture, SeaMe, Fresh Cement, Shimmersand, Gentle Lentil,the light green one and Crimsonaire
All Mcqueen paintpots
Mosscape p/p
Liquid Last Liners - Molten Sol, Visionaire, Dress Khaki
Paints - a few of them can't recall names
Reflects Very Pink
Reflects Turquatic
Bell Bottom Blue p/m
Cocomotion p/m
Gilded Green p/m (from Color Forum)
Viz A Violet p/m
Pen N Pink e/s
Poison Pen e/s
Plum Dressing e/s
Holiday 2007 eye palettes
Color Forums eye palettes
Eyebrow shaders

A whole lot of good stuff!!!
Wide range of lipsticks, glasses and gelees
lip conditioners

thats all I can remember!!


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I haven't been there in awhile, I like the San Ysidro one much better bc the manager at the Carlsbad one is sooo snotty sometimes! Everytime I call she acts like I'm bugging her! UGH.
I just went today.. this is what I can remember

Heatherette: Sock Hop
Fafi Squeeze it l/g
Naughty Nauticals: Ensign, Love Knot, Hey Sailor lustreglasses
Neo Sci Fi: Soft & Slow, Supreme, Naked Space
Electroflash: Li' Hot Pepper
Plushglasses: bingo, oh-oh, hot stuff, foolishly fab … some others too
Lull l/g
Prize Petal l/g
Avarice l/g
Rich & Ripe l/g
Crystal Rose l/g
Pink Lemonade l/g
Magnetique l/g (i think this is the one that will be in Rose Romance?)
Opal lustreglass
5 or so chromeglasses
8 or so lipgelees

2 tinted lip conditioners
didnt see any tendertones though!
- someone else was monopolizing the lipsticks so i gave up on that one completely

Fafi quad 1 & 2
Naughty Nauticals: Shore Leave
Cool Heat: Warm Chill, Cool Heat
Color Forms eye palettes in warm and cool
most of the Neo Sci Fi shadows
5 shadesticks
McQueen Paint Pots
Powerpoint Liner Lilacky and some other liners

Curiositease Softsparkle Pencil Set
..thats all i can remember for the shadows

Jewelmarine glitter brilliants
reflects Very Pink

Mineralized skinfinish: Warmed, Light Spark.

and a LOT of nail polishes!


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Would anyone be willing to CP me warmed MSF? Thanks!!

I can also do trades if you are looking for something. Just PM me.


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if someone goes back to this CCO soon can someone do a CP for me? i got paypal i would like to get electro sky and otherwordly paint pots


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They don't have Otherworldy paintpot anymore. Its Rollickin from Fafi. Sorry gals! But the other two from McQueen are still there.

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