Carlsbad, CA CCO (Carlsbad Premium Outlets)


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i went today, they also have the HK sheer mystery powders (the ones with the swarovski compact), all three but theyre $63 apiece, which is still kinda pricey imo


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Originally Posted by AmandaCA
I went today. Here's what I can remember:

Pigments: Mega rich, mutiny, antique green, a few more
Eyeshadows: a TON. Warming Trend, Time & Space, Vellum, Scene, Purple Shower, Lotusland, Top Hat, Submarine, Star by Night, Talent Pool, French Cuff, Henna basically ALL of the mineralize duos and trios eyeshadows & a few more, some creams and Metal X
Palettes: Fafi quads, Shadowy Lady, Tempting, lip palettes from Fascinating Ruby,
Foundation: A lot of Hyper Real, Face and Body in C5, some powders from Monogram
Blushes: Hello Kitty in Tahitian Sand and Pretty Baby, mostly creamy ones
Paint pots: 2 green ones and Quite Natural
Shadesticks: Fresh Cement, Sea Me, Silverbleu, Pink Couture, Penny, Lucky Jade
A lot of LE lip sticks, lip glosses, lipliners and slimshines.
Eyeliners: a lot of glitter liners, Raven Kohl Power, I think there was 1 Orpheus left
A lot of nail polishes
A few paints like Flammable

Yup! went today and they pretty much had the same stuff...maybe less*bad memory sorry*. I remeber Hyper real foundation in NC200 and NW300. Also the face and body foundation in C5. Same shadows and the Shadowy Lady, Tempting quad, and fafi quads...Hello Kitty beauty powders and Mystery Powders, Same eyeshadows*including the mineralize*, Same pigments and some reflects glitter in Very Pink and a teal/turquoise one...Jewel*something...*, I remeber Naked Space lipgloss and 1n lipgloss...many others. Some face products like Strobe cream and lightfull cream...and a few nail lacquers. The lady there said they would be getting a new shippment in about 2 to call in before! hope this helps some ppl!


I went today...there was a lot of stuff so I hope I remember it all.

Tons of brushes
239, 217, 224, 227, 222, 231, 109, 190, 129, 316 and quite a few more
Mineralize shadow duos Odd Couple, Two to Glow something with Silver in the name and 2 trios. There were 7 in all
7 Pigments including Mutiny, Cocomotion, Old Gold, Naval Blue and A purple one
Popster lip conditioner and 2 other Hello Kitty lippies
Tons of shadows
No new lippies
4 Cremesheen glasses
Beauty powder from Ungaro collection
Refined Golden
Dame Edna powders
Hyper Real..the darkest was NW300
Color Forms palettes
Holiday sets
Prep n Prime face
Pearl Glides (greenish and brown)


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Re: CCCO (carlsbad outlets,CA)

I was there about a month and a half ago. At the time, the selection was pretty small, but I find that the selection depends on when you go.

I got a great deal on some mac brush sets (5 brushes for $87) when I went.
Also, some good paint pots were available too.


Re: CCCO (carlsbad outlets,CA)

I visited during christmas '09 and found tons of brushes!


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I went today....let me see what I remember off the top of my head:

Most of the holiday 2009 stuff (I didn't see pigment sets but I did see the boxes they came in at a separate display in the store..but didn't ask they could be there, not sure)

Quads: Tempting, In the Gallery, Tone Grey

MSFs: Perfect Topping, Porcelain Pink, one other that was more of a bronzer looking one...Plus two MSFN with the shimmer side to it (half MSFN, half shimmer).

A LOT of pigments in the original size jars: Kitchsmas (sp?), Heritage Rouge, Cocomotion....a lot more too!

A bright pink blush with a rose swirl on top?
An Emmanuel Ungaro blush
Strada blush

Greenstroke paintpot (which they seem to always have lol)

I skimmed the l/s, don't really remember names for any of them

All the brushes were face brushes or the travel size ones

There were several eyeshadows...I would say about 8. I was hoping to see Femme Fi there (just for a b/u) but nope

...Nothing great as far as single e/s...several grays, Sunset B, a couple of eyeshadows from Style Warriors, and one that looked like Warming trend


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I went to this CCO's what I remember (I was trying not to spend a lot of $$ so I did not look as thoroughly as I usually do, sorry!)

- all of the palettes from holiday '09
- the brights l/g set from holiday
- 1 pigment set (warms, I think) from holiday
- those random sets from holiday
- at least one of the nordies lip bags from last summer
- a ton of brush sets
- several nail polishes
- LOTS of full size pigments such as... Mutiny, Kitschmas, Circa Plum, Antique Green, Antique Gold ?, Violet, Black Black, Heritage Rouge, Gold Mode, Coppering ?, I know they definitely do not have Tan, Pink Bronze ?, or Vanilla-- those were sold out and marked accordingly. There are more but memory is failing me, sorry gals.
- those holiday eye sets that included a pigment, mini mascara, and eyeliner
- naked honey salve, body wash, and lotion
- deep sigh tendertone
- some TLC that was a hot pink color
- a ton of slimshines!!
- lil sizzler, slicked pink lip gelees (there were 2 more but I don't recall the names)
- about 8 lipsticks or whatever but I didn't look very hard at them
- about a dozen lipglasses including Queen Bee, Ensign, Love Knot, Red Devil, at least one from Fafi, one from Style Warriors-- the brown one I think?, Rich 'n Ripe, a lot of shades that have been d/c'ed a long time.
- photorealism quad, in the gallery quad, tempting quad
- blushes: earth to earth, improvise, cheek 'n cheerful ?, strada, I wanna say one more but I don't recall sorry gals
- MSFs - porcelain pink, cheeky bronze, sunny by nature, medium/shimmer
- a few lip liners that I think are still in the regular line
- single e/s: I remember seeing silverthorn, fashion, and a bunch I already had so I kinda ignored them. I think vibrant grape was there in style warriors packaging. There was also something there in a very bright limey green.
- A few MES trios
- some of those dumb e/s duos in the slide-out packaging that were epic fail
- summer rose BP from a rose romance
- the usual suspects as far as charged waters, cleanser, etc.
- a few random concealers in wand packaging - ???
- some loose highlighter powders, did not check out which ones
- at least one powder from monogram - I just remember seeing the compact
- brushes were boring. there were a couple foundation brushes, that wonky little tiny mascara fan brush, the spoolie (who would spend more than $1 on a spoolie brush I don't know...!), etc.
- one face in a box kit (the one w/ shimpagne MSF)


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I was able to go to the CCO in Carlsbad today. I was not able to take detailed notes, but here is what I remember (sorry, I forgot the names of a lot of items):

-MSFs in Perfect Topping, Porcelain Pink, and Refined
-Liberty of London Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl and Summer Rose
-Liberty of London Blushes in Dirty Plum and Prim and Proper
-Deep Sigh Tendertone
-Two lip gelees (sorry, forgot the names)
-a few eye shadows from the Style Warriors Collection
-quite a few brush sets
-at least 10 different full size pigments in the original jars
-Tinted lip conditioner (pink color)
-2 lip gelees
-Fafi Eyes 2 quad
-4 or 5 eye shadow quads
-Strada Blush
-Dreammaker eye shadow, some style warriors eye shadows
-two types of face sprays?
-Box kit with Shimpagne MSF, nuance blush, Play on Plums MES, and 181se brush
-The individual brushes weren't too impressive.


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If they still have vanilla and heritage rouge pigment, I was wondering if anyone would do a CP for me? I live near the Gilroy CCO and would be willing to do a CP in return. Let me know!


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Stopped by like ten min before they closed so couldn't look too detailedly xD

-They still have Porcelain Pink
-Three lip gelees (moistly and 2 others didnt look at their names)
-about 10 eye shadows. Dreammaker (didn't look at any really. few liberty of london ones)
-naked honey powder
-last years holiday sets (lipglass, pigment vials, & face kit + lip kit)
-a lot of lipglosses - icecapade, 3n, 2n, red devil, liberty of london ones, style warrior ones, etc
-a lot of dazzleglass
-at least 10 different full size pigments in the original jars
-Tinted lip conditioner (dark rose color)
-3 eye shadow quads
-few mineralized eye shadows
-two types of face sprays?
-Box kit with Shimpagne MSF, nuance blush, Play on Plums MES, and 181se brush
-individual brushes: 129sh, 136, mascara spoolie, few eye brushes (the squareish cut one?), body brush(?)
-pigments: violet, mutiny, spirtualize, kietche, few other blue/green ones in OJ and 2 pigments in new jars
didn't look at the lipsticks cuz they were over the counter and didn't want to buy lipsticks anyway


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Just did a visit today and here is what I remember. Enjoy!

Aside from what SWEETKISS mentioned, there were the following:

Charged waters (Renewal Defense and Revitalizing)
Shadesticks (I forgot the names)
Plush Black mascara
Dazzle Lash mascara
Sublime Shine dazzleglass creme
Lots of lashes
A few make up brushes
Most wanted slimshine
Swelter slimshine
Fafi bag (large)
Lots of lip palettes
Lots of pigments
Make up bags

MAC Naked Honey Collection '09:
She's a Star l/g
Queen Bee l/g
Buzz l/g
Pollinator e/s
Golden nectar highlight powder
Naked Honey skin salve
Naked Honey hand and body cream
Africanimal perfume
Naked Honey Perfume

MAC Spring Forecast Collection '09:
Gold Dust l/g
Hush Hush Rose l/g
Malibu Peach nail lacquer
Imperial Splendour nail lacquer
Abalone shell nail lacquer

MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection '10:
Free to Be e/s
Birds and Berries e/s
2 l/g which I forgot the names of
Vestral White nail lacquer

MAC To the Beach '10:
Shimmermoss e/s
Humid e/s
Scorcher nail lacquer
To the Beach bag
Bronzing powder (don't remember which one)

MAC Nail Trend '10:
Jade Dragan nail lacquer
Ming Blue nail lacquer
Earthly Harmony nail lacquer


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GAH! They sell MAC?! -__- I didn't realize so when I went to the outlet I didn't even bother going in. Thanks for the heads up everyone!

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