Carlsbad, CA CCO (Carlsbad Premium Outlets)

Hello ladies!

I was just there yesterday. They don't have Otherworldly anymore, but they have Pharoah and Rollickin'.

I went yesterday and picked up Rollickin', Warm Chill e/s, Silverbleu shadestick, and Fresh Green Mix mieral eyeshadow. They also have two of the Fafi quads, and a ton of lipglass that I didn't get to look through completely because the fiance was getting antsy.


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I went yesterday and they had pretty much the same things.... no MSFs left though.

for lips they had fafi lipsticks in utterly frivolous and strawbaby. lots of l/g still, including heatherette sock hop, 3N, 1N, atmospheric, explicit, bare truth, culture clash, boldheart, pop mode in addition to the ones i posted about a week ago.

e/s: evening aura, time & space (Neo sci fi), poison pen, petalescent, pen n pink, fade, warming trend, shore leave, warm chill, cool heat. Fafi Quad 1 & 2

pigments: viz-a-violet, circa plum, gold stroke, smoke signals

they also had all 3 Nordstrom color form brush sets


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Okay so I went there yesterday. They had a lot less than the last post that was mentioned here. The lady said that they get shipments once a month and to call them ahead of time if you are looking for a particular item.

The brush selection sucked; there were some blush/face ones and a couple of fluffy eyeshadow brushes.

The pigments available were Smoke Signals, Circa Plum and I think another one...not sure.

There was Pharaoh p/p. They had a fluidline (forgot the name) it was a bright bluish-greenish shade, I believe. They had a bunch of lipglasses and lipsticks, old packaging of strobe cream, microfinisher refiner (or whatever it's called). They had fafi 1 and 2 quads. Some nude (Fleshpot) and pinkish lipsticks. Nothing too special.

There were some lashes and a bunch of other random foundation/concealer stuff but that's about it.

Quite a disappointment.

I'd say wait til their next shipment. cAll ahead for details.


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If Smoke Signals Pigment is still available, can anybody do a CP for me?


i was there about a week ago. can't remember most of what i saw there, but this is what i remember:

both heatherette bp (alpha girl & smooth harmony)
both fafi e/s quads
time & space e/s from neo sci-fi
MES -- two to glow, play on plums, etc.
small selection of l/g -- incl: electrolush, rich & ripe, love knot, ensign, etc.
small selection of l/s -- incl: fleshpot (pro, satin), morange, buoy o buoy, ahoy there, soft pause, etc.
np -- vestral white (along with about 3-4 others)
there were some holiday sets from 2008 and maybe 2007?


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as of yesterday, they still have the Fafi quads, and just got some Suite Array, i saw Ocean2, Shallow v Deep, and i think Counterparts?. they also have the 2008 holiday Passions of Red e/s set in Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes, Devoted Poppy: 6 Classic Eyes, as well as some of the lip palettes.

pigments: viz-a-violet, smoke signals, and now they have steel blue

they also have Reflects glitter in Very Pink

lips - not much new, they still have Fafi in Squeeze it, and Neo sci fi l/g in Supreme, but other than that not much else new


I went about a week ago.

They have pretty much every shadow from the Cool Heat Collection.
Both Fafi Quads.
Nice neutral shadows, I can't remember the names but they're from the permanent and they're light brown neutrals.
There's also Henna from BBR
And lots of nude lipsticks such as Freckletone.

I'll probably go back in the next week or 2 but the ladies there are pretty nice so call and see what they've got or if they have a product you're looking for.


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I am planning to go to Carlsbad outlets this weekend, does anyone know how it compares to the outlets in Cabazon?? I am so excited to go


I went on Saturday(5/23) although I was kind of in a rush I will try to list what I saw as best as I can. If you're taking a trip to San Diego you HAVE to go to Las Americas Outlets in San Ysidro, it is to die for!!!

(All in new packaging)
Fast Eye Response
Oil Control lotion
Green gel cleanser
Studio Moisture Fix with Spf 15
Shave Cream
3 different Charge Waters

I really can't remember what eyeshadows I saw but I do remember both Fafi quads being there.
A lot of Glitters and like two Pigments
Intriguing Scarlet 6 Warm Eyes palette from holiday 08
Heatherette Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder
Fafi Strawbaby Lipstick
Fafi Utterly Frivolous lipstick
3 Neo Sci-Fi lipsticks
Neo Sci-Fi Naked Space lipgloss
Neo Sci-Fi Supreme lipgloss
Neo Sci-Fi Soft & Slow lipgloss
Pink Karat lustreglass
Hey Sailor lustreglass
Love Knot lustreglass
about 10 other lipglosses
about 6 pro long wear lipcolour
about 6 lip stick conditioner
About 5 mattene's
By Degrees and Lovey-Dove Slimshines along with 3 others
Novel Twist Cool Pearlizer Set with 181se kabuki brush
MAC Enchanting Vermillian Fashion Eye set from holiday 08
2 of the Adoring Carmen lip sets from holiday 08
brush sets from the holiday 08
Heirlooms 5 eye brush set from holiday 07
all 3 Colour Forms brush sets from Nordstrom
213 brush
179 buffer brush


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I made a trip there today, the selection was pretty disappointing but the very friendly sales associates told me that they are getting more in towards the end of June/early July. Here are some things I remembered seeing:

Reflects (hot?) Pink Glitter
Jewelmarine Glitter
Smoke Signals Pigment
Viz-a-violet Pigment
Mega-Rich Pigment
Fresh Cement Shadestick
Penny Shadestick
A pink shadestick (I think it was Pink Couture)
A light green shadestick

Most of the items from the last post seem to be there as well. I'm going to try to hit up the Ontario one some time next week; I was there a couple weeks ago and they seemed to have a bunch of things. Happy shopping!


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Hi I went there a couple days ago and saw
both fafi quads
holiday palettes
lip palettes
time and space
talent pool
glamour check
purple shower
a few other paints, a black one I think and some nudes
2 metal x shadow- bronze and I can't recall the other
tons of glitter liners some from hello kitty
heatherette blue and black liner
lip liners
fleshpot (I got 2)
some fafi lipstick
lots of le lipstick
blast o blue
tons of l/g
naked space
the dark one from fafi
pink lemonade
lip 65
so many others!
lip gelees


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Hey everyone,
I went there today (7/6/09) and they had - (sorry, I don't remember many names!)
some of the dual-sided lip things (no idea what they're called)
some lip gelees
the Fafi e/s quads
holiday lip pallettes
some e/s pallettes (they had a giant gem on them, and they came in purpley-pink and i think red)
3 paintpots (Girl Friendly, [or something about a girl] and some others)
Probably around 6 shadows
~4-5 pigments (cocomotion, a violet-y color, gold rush, and some others)
The red holiday brush sets
some skincare
glitter liners
some lipglass and lustreglass
concealer sticks
tons of lipstick
paints (flammable and some others)
some others

I got the eye brush set because I had only around $40. I really wanted to look around but there was a creepy old man looking for a concealer (?) and I wanted to GTFO. =P


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Just. Left and I saw a msf medium dark natural and shimmer
colouur form palettes and brush sets
glitter liners and when I was at the counter saw a big box of talent pool


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I JUST returned from San Diego yesterday. A lot of what was there has been mentioned..I only saw 2 paint pots (Girl Friendly and Greenstroke?). Shadows included Mink and Sable, Samoa Silk, and a few from Neo Sci. I ended up buying Utterly Frivolous ls from Fafi and Soft N Slow from Neo Sci.


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I was there today but I didn't have a lot of time to look since I was there with family and it wasn't all about me lol

But they had the shadowy lady quad, femme fi, girl friendly paint pot (as well as another I don't remember), knight, grand entrance (starflash), glamour check (starflash)...I ended up getting this one, Top Hat, two metal x, and several other e/s...I know there were some mes duos there too, one that I really liked and almost got...I forget the names. Didn't have time to really browse over anything else but I like the selection there a lot better than Orange, and it was also better than the last time I went to this same location


I went today and this is what I remember

BBR shadows: Knight, French Cuff, Henna
Starflash: Glamour Check, Sunset B., Top Hat, Go, Grand Entrance, Talent Pool, Go, Lotusland
Other shadows: Scene, Mineralize shadows

EVERYTHING from the Monogram collection...lipsticks, glasses, powders, shimmer powders, and fragrance.

Red She said lippies, Holiday sets, Fafi sets MSF natural/shimmer in medium

Neo Sci Fi naked space, supreme glosses and a couple lippies, Ensign, Love Knot, Buoy O Buoy lipstick, Viva Glam II and VI

A bunch of slim shines from cool heat

Honestly most of it was from Monogram

Warm pigment set, Mega-Rich, Coco-Motion, and 2 more


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I noticed that most of what they had was from monogram or old holiday sets. But they did have Fafi Strawbaby which made me happy.


I went today. Here's what I can remember:

Pigments: Mega rich, mutiny, antique green, a few more
Eyeshadows: a TON. Warming Trend, Time & Space, Vellum, Scene, Purple Shower, Lotusland, Top Hat, Submarine, Star by Night, Talent Pool, French Cuff, Henna basically ALL of the mineralize duos and trios eyeshadows & a few more, some creams and Metal X
Palettes: Fafi quads, Shadowy Lady, Tempting, lip palettes from Fascinating Ruby,
Foundation: A lot of Hyper Real, Face and Body in C5, some powders from Monogram
Blushes: Hello Kitty in Tahitian Sand and Pretty Baby, mostly creamy ones
Paint pots: 2 green ones and Quite Natural
Shadesticks: Fresh Cement, Sea Me, Silverbleu, Pink Couture, Penny, Lucky Jade
A lot of LE lip sticks, lip glosses, lipliners and slimshines.
Eyeliners: a lot of glitter liners, Raven Kohl Power, I think there was 1 Orpheus left
A lot of nail polishes
A few paints like Flammable