Finishing a bottle


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I can't remember the last time I finished a bottle of perfume, I wear too many I guess. I have a friend that can go through a bottle in a couple of months (!), I can't even imagine.

What scents have you finished up? How long did it take you to polish it off?


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The only scents that I have ever finished up were MAC Turquatic (in less than 6 months!), and Anna Sui Dolly Girl (it took me 3 years).
Other than that, all my bottles are pretty full. The problem is that my tastes in perfume change all the time, and right when I've worn 1/3 of a bottle, I'm on my next purchase.


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I have never finished a bottle. Nope! Not even a sample one. I've stopped buying perfume. That money now goes to even more makeup! =D


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Originally Posted by ms.marymac
I can't remember the last time I finished a bottle of perfume, I wear too many I guess. I have a friend that can go through a bottle in a couple of months (!), I can't even imagine.

What scents have you finished up? How long did it take you to polish it off?

I've finished two bottles of Chanel Chance. I love that scent. The smaller bottle probably took 4-5 months to finish, maybe less. I don't remember how long it took the second one. I'm on number three and it's low. I'll definately finish off V by Valentino. It's my second love.


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I go through a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique and Dior Addict every 10-12 months. I love finishing a bottle off because it means I get to go and buy a new one


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I make myself finsih a bottle before I can get a new one, Im only buying 1 or 1.7 oz from now on. It can take me about 9 months to finish one off.


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I don't think I've finished a perfume since I was a teen and wore a Bonne Bell Vanilla scent everyday. Hah!

My mom can go through CK Obession like nobody's business! Her "method" is to spritz after she gets out of the shower and spritz again after she blowdries her hair. Each "spritzing" consists of three to four sprays! She says that the blowdrying gets rid of the scent...she doesn't have an answer when I ask why doesn't she just wait.


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i can barely finish one!
i still have my escada island kiss from like 2 years ago and i barely use it now since they dont sell it, but its soo close to being gone

i usually dont finish them just because i would hate to have to buy a new one lol


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i have only finished one perfume:

True Star by Tommy Hilfiger (the one beyonce was promoting)

i seriously love it lol, tommy hilfiger has the best scents and the hottest male models


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i got almost all the way through a 50mL DKNY perfume in 2 years. i hoarded the last few sprays for a while
my lovely SO bought me a huge 100mL bottle to replace it.

my anna sui, gucci envy me and stella bottles are all low at the moment - they are all 30mL bottles.

i have quite a few perfumes and try to wear different ones often, so it varies on how long it takes me to finish them off. i go through my favourites a lot faster

i also try to buy smaller bottles unless the fragrance is an absolute staple. that way they are easier to use up and the bottle isn't hanging about for too long if i don't wear it that often.


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Nope. Never. I am constantly getting new ones (just got MJ Essence and Blush) so I have no chance of finishing the ones before that. The only perfumes I have that look considerably used is MJ for her and Lolita Lempicka.


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I had a bottle of jadore that I finished in like 3 months. I was SERIOUSLY addicted. Now I can't even stand a whif of the stuff.


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The D&G Light Blue I have (50ml) is about 3/4 done and I've only had it since the summer, so it depends. The Chance Chanel 100ml I have I've had for over a year. The scent is really intense so you don't need as much.


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The only scents I've ever finished have been True Love and Lolita Lempicka. I can finish them in a few months (whenever I remember to put perfume on) cause they are my absolute favorites.


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I also buy small bottles so that I can try to finish them and also because I prefer to put money towards other perfumes. I worry about my perfumes all the time and have stopped purchasing because I read somewhere that the scent starts to degrade after a year, I believe?

I finished Amor Amor by Cacharel in High School because I truly believed in a signature scent. So I worry it always, it took me about a year and a half for the smallest bottle. Then my mother bought me a new one to replace it around the time I graduated, but that's when I started experimenting towards other perfumes for different moods.


I've finished a Lolita Lempicka, Dior Addict, and back in the day a bottle of Tommy Girl. I should finish another Lolita Lempicka and an Aquolina by the end of the year.


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THE big question!! It took me less than a year to finish Clinique "Happy", it was so light that I could put some perfume on twice a day. I remember I also ran out quickly of Anna Sui (the original one in the beautiful black bottle), that was about 3 years ago I think...

I still have several bottles that are nearly done but I think it'll take some time... at present I wear Chanel "Chance" (as Misschievous said, you don't need to spray on to much because it's a really strong scent), "Insolence" by Guerlain and sometimes I wear my Hugo Boss as well (I've got 3: Deep Red, Boss Intense and Pure Purple).

Aaah... what could a woman do without her perfume