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there is a swatch floating around of one of the palettes but it doesn't seem like all that great.
if I only come out with two lipsticks and a nail polish I'll be happy.


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Chanel Fall
3 eyeshadow palettes with the one on the bottom looking like a grungier version of Candeur & Experience (or is it just a bad photo of Candeur & Experience?)

NVM, just saw on instagram it is a repromote of Candeur & Experience :doh: It never even left the lineup..
What a one trick pony...

Hope this collection looks better in person because if they can't even make the pink look good on Vittoria..

ETA extra info:
Candeur et Experience Act II highlights: Les 4 Ombres in: Candeur et Seduction | Candeur et Provocation | Candeur et Experience (repromote) | Rouge Coco No.402 Adrienne | Rouge Allure Ink Fusion 836 Idyllique | Beaume Essentiel 999 Rosee

I was excited about the lipsticks. Turns out it's because I already have one (Adrienne 🤪)
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Sadly my only purchases from Chanel since Lucia lady took over has been their skincare . my skin seems to love Chanel lol good thing I have a Costco membership and get some items discounted. I have never had a problem with fake items either ( I know some people complain about that )


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just watched erin nicole's youtube video showing Chanel holiday. Some of it is interesting looking, but nothing I'll wear. Money saved. Sad, because I used to be such a die hard Chanel fan!

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