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What do you guys plan to be for Halloween this year? I'm stuck. I have no idea what I want to be this year! Any costume ideas? Something I can make..I hate buying those cheapie costumes because it sucks to bump into a billion other people with the same costume on.


I loooooove halloween, most definitely my favorite holiday. This year the boy and I are reprising our roles from a few halloween's back as the big bad wolf and little dead riding hood, I'm super excited because I get to do some zombified makeup and claw marks!!! Fun with fake blood!

As for deciding what to be, there are sooooo many options!!! Do you want to be something funny, scary, sweet? Check out some place like Halloween Costumes for Adults, Teens & Kids - Halloween Supplies : Buy Costumes, that way maybe you can get an idea for a costume and then make it yourself with your own twist on it!

Another fun one is to pick a movie character and go to your local thrift store or whatever and get clothes that kinda resemble the character!


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^ Ha thats similar to mine

I am going to be Teresa and my best friend will be barbie. Im brunette and she is very blonde so it works


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I really want to dress up as a freaky looking rabbit but I'm having a hard time finding a white rabbit costume. I don't want one with a "head", it needs to be a suit with an open face. It definitely cannot be hired either because I'm going to modify it. It's really hard to get decent costumes in the UK


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I think I'm going to make some kind of fairy costume...with lots and lots of gauzy fabric...I just can't decide between sweet or devilish, so I don't know what color of fabric to buy.


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I'm going to be Marie Antoinette, the dress is so pretty! Also the wig should be fun


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Five of my guy friends, four of my girl friends, and I are all going as different characters/villains from Batman, ahah. We're gonna skank/glam em' up a little though


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I'm really excited about being one of those viking opera women. I just want one of those obnoxious horned hats with the braids, like this one:


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i want to do something greek looking. Like a greek goddess. i think im going to make my own costume.

If i cant find a good pattern for that i might so a trashy zombie or something...


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I was thinking I would go as a Harajuku girl. Amazing clothes. Crazy makeup. Fierce hair. What more could I want for Halloween...well other than ask that i was all year long!?!?!


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My b-day is nov 3rd so my mom is throwing me a birthday party on halloween, i'm finally turning 21 !! yay lol. So im really really excited i wanted to be tinkerbell & have my man be peter pan but he doesnt want to, so i think cleopatra & mark anthony, but hes still not sure...he wants to do something like roman or greek...but IDK, either way cleopatra or sometype of greek goddess would involve some pretty fierce makeup !!!


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I am going to be a Medieval Rapunzel. It was what I was going to be last year, but due to a family emergency I was not able to wear it.

I love Halloween!


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Lol uhh my daughter is in love with pirates lol, so my husband is dressing up as johnny depp and shes like the little princess in distress. Ahh too bad i cant be there to see it, ill be 10,000 miles away from home for the next 2 months


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Originally Posted by OfficerJenny
I'm gonna be Ken and my BFF is gonna be Barbie :3



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I love Halloween I always try and do something every year- but nobody celebrates it in Australia... but to celebrate I am going to work with Firey make up (hoping I don't have to cover reception or I'll be in big trouble
)... and then in the evening I am going to getting a dressed up as something (not sure yet).. and celebrate with my fiance like a little loser because I can't throw a party

It's funny because when I dress up - people look at me like I'm crazy or something. When I was about 14 I used to dress my 5 yo sister up and send her trick or treating - she'd come back with oranges, toothpaste, dental floss, one or two lollies.. that made me so upset - so I always keep lollies just incase - but nobody ever tricks or treats here.

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