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Corvs Queen

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So yeah, if you could live anywhere, where would it be. Recently I have been bitten by Brit bug so I would like to live in London.
But I will always be a North Carolina girl at heart so I would also like to move back to western N.C. More exactly, Asheville. I miss it so much! I was never really around big towns until I moved here 4 years ago and I guess that in a way it has grown on me a bit. All in all Europe was such a departure from everything I had ever known so for me to say I would like to live in London is huge 180.
So ladies, tell me, where would you wanna live?


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I wanna live in London! I was there for a month a few years ago, and it is still by far my favourite city. Totally fell in love with it.


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I live in California, and I love California. I would love to live in San Diego California (about an hour or so away from where I live now). The weather is awesome, and I just love the whole feeling down there.


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Originally Posted by Corv's Queen
But I will always be a North Carolina girl at heart so I would also like to move back to western N.C.

I think North Carolina would be my ideal place too... I love the south and i want a big plantation style home and lots of acerage! I would also like an apartment in NYC but I cant stand the city for too long lol... im a country girl! I live in Canada but I am not a fan of it at all lol.. houses are so flippin expensive because of the olympics!


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AUSTRALIA! diversity, culture, accents... all sounds good to me. or anywhere along the California coastline... i just want some pacific ocean action! i love chicago, but going to the beach means lake michigan. not all that exciting. LOL.


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in the city close to seaside in LA, whe its always so warm and nice, with my family and my bf
I wish!


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I would LOVE to be able to move back to Hawaii. My father was in the Army and we lived there for 3 years ( I think from when I was 13-16...10 years ago
) and I LOVED LOVED LOVED It there. I still have a few friends there and If could pick up and move anywhere, I would go back there no doubt!


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I'd love to live in Sweden (I've never been there though), but I don't see myself living anywhere but Canada (BC more specifically). It'd be nice to live somewhere else for a while but I think I would miss it here too much.


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As boring as my city is, I actually really like it here in my little beach town. The weather is always nice, never too hot.

I also really love Western Washington State. I love the rain.

and W.Oregon too. but Oregon has stupid laws so I will choose Washington.


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Right where I am in Cardiff, Wales. It has everything, and all in walking distance (well, pretty much, if you don't mind walking for half an hour!)

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