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***It's Back!!!! High fashion look***


Well-known member
Beautiful! I especially love how you do cheeks! All of your looks are so versatile and you explain everything perfectly...awesome tut.


Well-known member
That's a fabuous tutorial and you look gorgeous!! Thanks for doing it again, it reminds me to try this once more for a night out! Everything is explained so perfectly that it doesn't look difficult at all.


Thanks for another wonderful tutorial! You do make it look very easy - and you look stunning!!!


Well-known member
Wow great tutorial! You look amazing, I would not be able to pull off that look but I definitely want to try it!


Well-known member
Thank you SO friggin' much for this. It's pretty much amazing. As soon as I get blacktrack and/or carbon, I'm trying this. whoo hoo!


Well-known member
great job!!
you're looks are always fab and pics crystal clear!! thanks!


Well-known member
could you be any prettier???!! my goodness you are wonderful and extremely talented! thanks a bunch for sharing such wonderful tips!! this is such a beautiful look and tutorial


Well-known member
Thank you SO much for taking the time to do this! I always love your tutorials...very well "documented" and photographed!

It's hard to find a really good "genuine" Panda Eye look/tutorial. You have the perfect eyes for this look!

Thanks again!

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